Medical beauty industry regulation strength continuously strengthen but the question still remains

by:Celecare     2020-06-26
On July 18, in recent years, as people living standard unceasing enhancement, medical hairdressing high demand, medical beauty industry has developed rapidly, but there are many non-standard medical hairdressing market and even the phenomenon of illegal medical practice, give a lot of damage for American people. The reporter understands, in view of the industry, the national health department of health sustained standardize medical hairdressing, improvement efforts continue to strengthen, but industry problems still exist. National center for health committee health supervision commissioner of health supervision xiao-hong fan in China at present the medical establishment credibility security alliance with America, said in 2017, the original state administration of drug safety health and family planning commission, the Ministry of Public Security, food and other seven departments across the country to carry out the rectification action against chaos medical beauty industry, is investigated illegal institutions and personnel, has achieved initial results, to some extent, curbed medical beauty industry chaos. It is understood that in the process of special operation, the public security organs cracked involved medical criminal cases, with 1219 cases of stakeholders and drug safety, capture of the criminal suspects 1899 destroyed to produce counterfeit drugs black sites, 728, the total amount involved nearly 700 million yuan. Xiao-hong fan pointed out that since 2017, continued health departments to standardize medical hairdressing, national WeiJianWei health supervision center recent development in the crack down on illegal medical cosmetology special action of looking back, in some provinces and cities of life beauty institutions, the medical cosmetology organization in investigations and sampling. Found in look back in the process of action, the medical beauty industry still exist many problems, individual life and beauty institutions suspected of unlicensed medical practice, individual medical cosmetology organization for false propaganda, bootleg versions drugs medical equipment, etc. This suggests that the special action to crack down on illegal medical hairdressing has a long way. Xiao-hong fan said, medical beauty industry development needs industry organizations to actively participate in and colleagues to stick to the medical beauty industry. Hope that more of the country's brand beauty medical institutions can gather together, give full play to the brand advantage and market influence, establish self-discipline mechanism, realize the institutional autonomy, promoting diversified comprehensive regulation pattern, believe that the Chinese medical credibility security alliance with America was established for the healthy development of industry of our country medical beauty will play a role.
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