Many provinces starting price negotiations medical consumables high gross profit era will end

by:Celecare     2020-07-08
On August 22, according to jiangsu procuratorial officer online micro, suzhou city, the people's procuratorate on suspicion of corruption in accordance with the clinical research institute of suzhou university, the first affiliated hospital, vice President of the medical director, the director of cardiology Yang Xiangjun decided to arrest. Cases are dealt with in the further. According to the previously reported, in the middle of may, 2019, Yang reported to forces under its doctoral real-name disorderly stents, a ten thousand yuan to take kickbacks. Medical high-value consumables, in fact, the grey can develop trade has been questioned, to solve these problems, a state issued 'governance high value medical consumables reform plan' ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'scheme') , then, many province launched the price negotiations, which composed of 55 tertiary public hospital of jiangsu province, jiangsu province high value medical consumables sunlight procurement alliance negotiations and related enterprise well, support the highest drop by more than 66%. From si yu YiXie one analyst told the China times reporter, the state of high value medical consumables management on the one hand may crowd out artificially high moisture, in addition, in the long run, with amount of purchase is expected to accelerate domestic substitution, for the real products with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness of high value medical consumables manufacturer to create opportunities. Behind the rapidly increasing medical expense according to the national center for cardiovascular disease, according to the 'Chinese cardiovascular disease report 2018' China is now suffering from cardiovascular disease the number to 2. 900 million, the death rate in the first place, account for more than 40% of residents disease death constitute; On the other hand is cardio-cerebrovascular disease in the hospital total cost also increase quickly. High-value consumables is constitute one of the fastest growing part of medical expense. Public data shows that in 2017 the domestic terminal market size of about 102 heart stents. 400 million yuan, the domestic terminal market scale of aortic and peripheral vascular stents in 40. 400 million yuan level, support classes combined interventional medical devices industry market size of about 142. 800 million yuan. At present domestic layout of vascular intervention company weigao group, market, minimally invasive medical, etc. Market was established in 1999, is China's earliest engaged in the research and development manufacturing cardiac involvement in one of the enterprises of medical equipment products. In 2018, according to eye check data, market revenue 14 support system. 1. 3 billion yuan, rose 20. 66%. Among them, the coronary stent revenue 12 product realization. 4. 1 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 19. 49%, stent product revenue, gross profit proportion of instrument plate for 42. 68%, 51. 91%. In 2018, minimally invasive medical revenue of about 6. 700 million dollars ( About 4. 7 billion yuan) In 2017, growth of 50. 7%. Among them, the class orthopedic medical devices business 35 contribution to the group. 3% of revenue, business contributed 30 cardiovascular interventional products. 3% of their income. As well as drug sales, consumables sales gray trading also easy to develop. Recently, chang DE city of hunan province wuling district people's court announced medical consumables sales corruption cases, with 2008 between January and November 2015, huang as head of the cardiovascular internal medicine, in the heart intervention class high-value consumables purchasing, using, alone and with a citing department development, jointly taking kickbacks from several companies a total of more than 3. 73 million yuan. In order to curb ills, such as gold sales of two votes, 4 + 7 bring procurement policy has spread out in the field of medicine. At present, some provinces such as hebei, shaanxi and other places have two votes of related documents issued clear consumables. A heart doctor with 3 armour hospital in nanjing for the huaxia times reporter said, from the current density on the regulation of medical devices policy perspective, to curb high consumable kickbacks, for controlling the unreasonable medical expenses increased. More provinces starting price negotiations in early August, composed of 55 tertiary public hospital of jiangsu province high value medical consumables in jiangsu sunshine procurement alliance and sat down on the table of related companies, on the negotiations of the is the most popular vascular interventional stent and double chamber pacemaker. After long negotiations, select varieties average prices decreased by 51 stents. 01%, the biggest decline in 66. 07%; Select enterprise involves varieties of the average 15 pacemaker. 86%, the biggest drop 38. 13%. Select both imported and domestic varieties, has both high variety and low variety. , according to a public hospital in jiangsu's negotiators in the negotiations, market support of less than 10000 yuan price has dropped to 3000 yuan. The trend of The Times, many provinces has begun the price negotiations, on July 30, in anhui province with quantity bargaining negotiations work successfully completed, orthopaedic spinal materials domestic category average price of 55. 9%, import category average price of 40. 5%, the average price of 53. 4%, individual components biggest drop 95%; Artificial crystal domestic category average price of 18. 1%, import category average price of 20. 9%, the overall average price of 20. 5%. According to the first half of 2019 in anhui province orthopaedic spinal class and artificial crystal products online purchases, expected after bargaining negotiations, the two products in save money 3 respectively. 0 and 700 million yuan. 2. 9 billion yuan. In recent years, thanks to the economic development of our country, the people's increasing health needs, research and development level and manufacturing capacity significantly increased, and the national support domestic medical equipment innovation, encourage domestic replace imported dividend policy, China has become the most potential medical devices emerging markets around the world. But behind the opportunity, also implies a challenge.
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