Integration of three key challenges in the field of medical treatment in pediatric

by:Celecare     2020-07-06
On November 26, on the surface, users buy pediatric integrated private pediatric medical insurance products and access to quality service is a very good thing, on the outpatient service, with the protection time can also get a discount price. This is what the insurance company expected of the medical product design this kind of integration. Products did not obtain blowout, however, is behind the product design ignores the integration of medical nature is critical at 3 o 'clock. First of all, the product design ignores the essence of the narrow network. Pediatric integration medical selection of one or several local private pediatric services, the purpose is to control cost and close cooperation, but this method of integration, there are two difficulties. First, although is the main form of integrative medicine, narrow network in the United States is by reducing the number of service party to deepen cooperation and obtain lower service price discounts, centralized traffic. But still narrow network in the United States covers an area of several institutions, rather than only one institution. In China, the obvious difference is the narrow narrow network to only one or two agencies, the user choice is much smaller, can significantly affect the flexibility of products, increase the difficulty of the insurance product sales. The second problem is that the narrow network approach to the service side attraction can bring customers more concentrated, the amount of customers depends on the influence of the insurance company products on the market, customer perception and insurance customer base. Such as the United States Medicare Advantage, which is run by commercial insurance, a commercial on the government's basic Medicare insurance products, most of them are narrow network integration of medical products, this product is a kind of high recognition supplement products, has a very strong customer base. Pediatric insurance product itself and China's lack of customer base of users on the service side, insurance cannot bring for it. And, in turn, high-end private medical institutions are also customers is limited, can't for high-end belts. Second, the product design at the time of establishing product sales forecast ignores the user to use private pediatric service expectations. First, from the Latitude of the Health survey data, the user recognition of public hospital of pediatrics VIP level is still higher than in the high-end private pediatric. LH in 2018 to 912 users to participate in pediatric services and security research, 43% of users said they want to go to public hospital VIP department of pediatrics, 33% want most in the high-end private medical institutions, and the rest said as long as ordinary public hospital outpatient service. This batch of users on the north of broad user is given priority to, nearly seventy percent have bachelor's degree. Second, in the pediatric services often need to use the user, there are some people willing to buy card or similar year card to get lower, in the form of all service charges. It is also rely on an expected by the designer, but its oversight is, different from general consumption of medical services, general consumption can be in the form of a discount to promote consumption, such as low price will let users buy a new dress, or hoarding season clothes. But medical service is a kind of consumption demand, only when demand to use and buy discount form ahead of time to prepare the future medical service consumption users, most is clear with high frequency requirements of users, and this part of the user is not in the majority in pediatrics. If rely on such user to development, growth will be very limited. Finally, pediatric integration medical products designed overestimated the effectiveness of cost control under this form. On the one hand, because this kind of insurance products is still not on the number of users, the basis of the number of customers for the service offer is still limited, on the basis of this, the service side is difficult to really have an incentive to help insurance companies to save money. Integration from the United States, on the other hand, the medical mode, the practice of service and insurance company cooperation, even when negotiating a price, the service side is there a way to avoid the cost of the follow-up control measures against their own, such as the cost will exceed its users and the insurance company to negotiate a good price referral to other places, and the pattern of integrated medical pediatrics in China, it is more than users of turn-key prices return to the public hospital, do though for insurance companies, the cost does not increase, but for the user, lost all, the experience of its service to the user is bad is retained. In the field of integrated medical pediatrics, the product design in the design of product structure and service form, only see the surface of the integrated medical characteristics, and ignored the essence of a lot of in-depth, such as how narrow narrow network, insurance products and services of users is the foundation of integration and so on. Therefore, a new product and a new form of service into the market, the designers can not only see the surface characteristics of service mode, and must start from the nature to assess whether this form can be get effective growth.
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