Institutes of health, community health center, special inspections. This is the key item 21

by:Celecare     2020-07-09
On October 10, play hardball, raid has begun, institutes of health, community health service center of attention, will soon have a general inspection. , according to offer reliable news special vaccination has kicked off in multiple areas. The ongoing rectification at hospitals and community health service center of some counties have already been at will check parts of the country. Time and heavy task, need your attention. Near period, relevant departments are organized law enforcement supervision and inspection checklist to sort out the following three types based on vaccination unit 21 items, for the colleague reference. The first category, integrated management of seven check include: organization, personnel qualification; Early warning system; Three seven to check system; Vaccination hierarchy; Information management; Vaccine information bulletin. Details: 1, the vaccination units must be designated by the health administrative department to carry out the corresponding vaccination work; 2, responsible for the inoculation of staff must be approved by professional training and participate in relevant department or unit test qualified to mount guard; 3, set up a corresponding system, which requires system on wall or filed, including institutions to establish a vaccine effective early warning system; Establish vaccination three check seven of the inspection system; Establish vaccination registration system ( Including 2 kinds of vaccine) ; In the eye-catching place of the public for the first and second vaccine related information. 4, vaccination information management system is to realize the child vaccination case information collection, registration, report and network, the software system of the input, the vaccination units must ensure that use. The second category, immunization management six check content: check source of vaccine, the vaccine certificate, transportation and storage management, etc. The details are as follows: 1, 2 kinds of vaccines must be purchased by the provincial public resources trading platform; 2, vaccines are batch issued certificate ( Import customs clearance copy) vaccine And save more than a vaccine is 5 years; 3, vaccination to verify vaccine transportation equipment, time, temperature etc, have the vaccine transportation temperature record and complete and save the vaccine is valid for five years. 4, the vaccine storage temperature test record; 5, expired vaccine, scrap vaccines have treatment of registration records; 6, vaccines for information should be complete and accurate records, nissin month knot, accounting. Which needs everyone's focus on the record must have special account registration, especially for ins and outs of vaccine, directives, vaccines for ins and outs of the information must be carefully check, put an end to inconsistent. The third class, vaccination management eight check content: vaccination staff degree of operation specification details are as follows: 1, inform (before vaccination Ask) Vaccinated or guardian about it; 2, check the kind of person health and vaccination contraindication; 3, check vaccination card ( Book) And the child vaccination certificate; 4, check the vaccine and syringes appearance and batch number; 5, check the name, age, a kind of subject, name, specification, dose of vaccine, vaccination site, vaccination approaches; 6, please vaccinated before vaccination or guardian verify validity and the types of the vaccine inoculation; 7, the timely processing or report inoculation against abnormal reaction or suspected adverse reactions; 8, the medical and health personnel in accordance with the implementation of vaccination regulations, fill in and save the vaccination record. To emphasize again, here is a vaccination record registration in a timely manner and to ensure accurate, 2 it is to pay attention to the vaccination taboo, to repeatedly remind parents cannot vaccinal vaccine, avoid to produce abnormal reaction. It is understood that in some special in selectiving examination, related department common reactions include: vaccination unit registration is not standard; Not be part of the agency distribution of vaccine with the temperature of the storage and transportation process monitoring records and certificate copy therelease of biological products; Type of vaccine parameter did not strictly according to the instruction to fill in, there are empty, leakage, randomly alter the phenomenon; 2 kinds of vaccine parameter and elements of the registered not congruent. These projects, the author remind everybody focus on check list. In June this year, the national WeiJianWei released documents said this year to close all set up in the centers for disease control and prevention vaccination units, 3 - 5 years is qualified in towns and townships, community health service center outpatient departments equipped with 1 health physician. Vaccination has key units to be led from the centers for disease control and transferred to hospitals and community health service center, at the same time also means that very important part of vaccination will be solely responsible for grassroots medical institutions. Administration law formally landing with the vaccine, vaccine safety problem is not vaccinated people focus on the part of the whole society, or focus on national law, law enforcement unit to highlight the key of the project, its importance is self-evident. As the key unit of vaccination, we must always remind ourselves the life safety of the vaccine safety concerns vaccinated individuals, including all details need to be in the usual work more careful, the check was only the beginning, may be even more strict, more fine later.
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