Enhance the level of primary care through medical construction 'the last kilometer'

by:Celecare     2020-07-06
On July 17, with the deepening of medical and health system reform, the advancement of the classification system of township medical institutions to undertake the task of rural large population accepts and the high quality medical resources are mainly distributed in the first three lines city, go to a doctor for rural population needs to invest more manpower and time cost, towns and townships ability construction also needs to be strengthened. In response to a much starker choices-and graver consequences-in health and deepening health reform 'much starker choices-and graver consequences-in health and health planning' and 'we will deepen reform of the medical and health system during much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning policy, centered on people's health, improve diagnosis and treatment in towns and townships and the national health committee, hospital management research in national medical health committee under the guidance of the hospital authority, Pfizer upjohn, supported by four years sustained the county - the ship's departure - - - - - - Public hospitals at the county level hospital management and clinical key specialty ability construction projects, has been training in county hospital, 2600 people, specialized subject doctor backbone of 3400 people, nearly 10, remote training. National health committee said sage ap, director of the hospital management evaluation research institute hospital evaluation, medical, valuing model under the national health committee, called on the established gradually, but through the county set sail on the practical experience shows that at present medical construction, there is still a last kilometers from the county to the village and township has yet to get through. In may this year issued by the county health community building on the advance of close notice ( Hereinafter referred to as 'notice') Set sail for county in project has injected new vitality, in this background, hospital management conducted in towns and townships short-term exchange projects that last mile. It is understood that the project as an important sub-project county in sail, brings together the domestic local expertise, by supporting part in towns and townships doctors to hospitals at the county level for short-term study and communication, in towns and townships doctors provide learning, communication and sharing platform, improve the level of township medical practice and medical technology, to help cure body construction. On June 18, 2019 - 28, the project is the first training in heilongjiang, jilin, liaoning, henan, jiangsu, shandong, shanxi and other 24 training base of seven provinces smoothly, covering more than 300 towns and townships local backbone doctor. Setting up close medical body conquer grassroots medical level of ascension difficult according to the 'notice' requirements, in the county in the next to form the medical community, gradually achieve regional medical resource sharing, to further promote grass-roots service ability. As rural residents health and the first line of safety work, improve the medical service ability of towns and townships is imminent. Sage ap said sink in advancing medical technical service ability, lead to no county, county hospital, strive to achieve a serious illness, ailment is not out of the village, found from township, town and other areas at the grass-roots level of patients due to factors such as distance, cost, still can't enjoy the good medical conditions, the villagers go to a doctor last mile there are still many bottlenecks, one of the main problems, is the primary care level needs to improve. Through the last kilometer project, the township system and targeted training for doctors, and then extends to the village health hospital, to be able to get through grassroots medical staff last kilometers from theory to practice, constantly improve and advance the construction of close county health care community. Sage ap said. Sage ap is introduced, the moment, grassroots medical institutions generally facing management and technology two big problems. To solve these problems, the future will be ascended both grassroots hospital management level and technical level, to implement the 'notice' required by the county JiuZhenLv can reach 90% by the end of 2020, the county within the grassroots JiuZhenLv reached 65%, basic medical and health institutions to carry out technical and project are increasing. In addition, still should continue to play a leading role of county-level hospitals, through training the county-level hospitals to master a more scientific management methods, in order to become affects the construction of medical total body closely linked and leader. Strengthen hospital communication between the superior and the subordinate to reduce patients after treatment at the grass-roots level of heilongjiang province tai county people's hospital dean Cui Yanzhan said, according to the project, each hospital is based on its actual situation, to further divided into the training, we are responsible for 12 township hospital medical body construction, by the high quality medical and sent to the villages and towns, and visit, inspection, operation way, improve local medical service level. In addition, in promoting discipline construction, Cui Yanzhan said that in the process of hospital overall plan, the hospital also drafted neurology, heart, digestive internal medicine, endocrinology, and other key with director and senior title of professional experts, grass-roots level to do the site training for local students, students can through interaction and communication, in the form of questions and answers to questionable expert will also further. Heilongjiang province tai county town of macro peace rises high institutes dean thought as the first batch of new training of grassroots doctors for this project, for the event that: in the past, in towns and townships due to poor health condition, lost a lot of patients. Many patients at the superior hospital treatment, which increased the burden, also is unfavorable for the development of towns and townships and more. He said, by the superior hospital experts on township health hospital counterpart support work, to improve the medical staff of medical ability at the same time, for its offer a wide range of studies and communication platform, on the platform make the township and village health hospital medical personnel business level has greatly improved.
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