Each administrative villages with at least one establishment within the village doctor

by:Celecare     2020-05-18
Rural doctors staffing administration with the new measures. Village doctor identity relationship to resolve the problem with the development of health personnel at the grass-roots level. In recent years, around the village doctor biography are doing the corresponding exploration, on the question of different measures. Released recently, guizhou zunyi municipal committee of the public article, requirements on change of relocation for poverty alleviation, rural medical and health care, grass-roots team construction of three key, consolidate the achievements of poverty, improving the quality of poverty, to win an all-round victory in the crucial poverty provide institutional guarantee. Zunyi municipal committee of the public sector from the reasonable set up institutions and provide to compile, for site set up neighborhood offices, three were approved by the administrative 88, public establishment, 112; Three new health institutions, total approved business establishment 50, increase business adjustment for site surrounding health service institutions establishment 10. 1 under the administrative villages with at least one village doctor recently, zunyi municipal committee, municipal WeiJian bureau, city people club bureau jointly issued the guiding opinions on strengthening the construction of rural doctors team, ask around in accordance with the county township Guan Village use management mode, according to the service per thousand population's village jurisdiction is equipped with one village doctor, under the new rural doctors in management, gradually achieve a rural doctors under the administrative villages with at least one. Organization of rural doctors by towns and townships of unified management, deployment and assessment, in principle, in the village clinic service period shall not be less than 8 years in succession. Basic establishment constantly open, village doctor identity is expected to solve for further enhancing the rural medical and health service population, better security for rural residents to enjoy the equalization of basic public health services and safe and convenient basic medical service, it is imperative to revitalize the basic-level medical establishments. Too big/method - in the field of health care - - - - - - The basic medical and health care and health promotion act will be in June 1, 2020 formally implemented, is the first in the field of health in our country basic, comprehensive law. Among them article 56 regulations, the state to strengthen the construction of rural medical and health care team, establishing county rural penetration mechanism of career development, improve the service income through various channels of subsidies for rural medical and health personnel mechanism and pension policy. Visible, in the future on the basis of law, the management of the rural medical and health care team will be more and more standardization, establish a scientific mechanism of fluctuation of career development. No. 1 in February, 2020, the central pays special attention to the key areas of agriculture, rural areas and farmers 'the central committee of the communist party of China, the State Council about the opinions of the work to ensure the timely realization of the comprehensive well-off', points out that allow revitalize with good grass-roots health institutions around the existing resources, in towns and townships give priority to hire qualified village doctor. After the policy for this year and village doctor provides direction and thought on the solution of the problem. In September of last year, the national WeiJianWei held a press conference in guangdong, is introduced and stronger grassroots health, deepening county of guangdong province health typical experience and practice. Deputy director general of national health committee TiGaiSi ZhuangNing introduction, guangdong around to mobilize grassroots service enthusiasm, and optimize the service mode, service capacity, take effective measures to achieve positive results. In terms of talent management, similar to the establishment of late in anhui province, guangdong province promotes a flexible personnel management policies. Tube for county county town, encourage the establishment of the talent pool system, establishment and talent available in the county unified deployment and flow. And guangdong HuaDou township in order to enhance the medical treatment as the key point, recruitment and stable township medical team, implement talent. Township health centers as a legal person as the village standing as a legal person, and implement personnel, business, learning, training, performance appraisal, such as unified management, implementation mechanisms. Rural doctors strictly enforce rules and regulations of village health posts, while bullish on disease, pay more attention to public health services, let people sick less often, implementation services. In addition, through promoting the village health posts village doctor biography, increasing general practitioner training township health centers, district hospitals in irfpa cultivates high-level medical personnel, area physicians longitudinal flow, set up a high quality professional health personnel. In the past two years, there have been a lot of place according to their own actual compiled to solve part of the village doctor. Now, in the new law and the provisions of the central file and guidance, I believe there will be more perfect policy and further solve the problem of rural doctors identity.
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