Couplet of medical practices in xinjiang to ease the burden to the patient

by:Celecare     2020-06-21
On September 4, since the launch of a new round of deepening the reform in xinjiang, the all-round construction of various forms of couplet of medical, effectively promoted the high quality medical resources sinking, constantly improving the capacity of grassroots medical institutions service, relieves the burden to the patient of all nationalities. The xinjiang uygur autonomous region's press office announced recently held a press conference of couplet of medical construction, at present there are four forms of couplet of xinjiang medical construction, including construction of couplet of medical city, the county medical community construction, the union of cross-regional and telemedicine network construction. In recent years, through a variety of forms of couplet of medical construction in xinjiang, to build a clear hierarchy of the new medical service system, grass-roots first option, two-way referral order has initially formed the diagnosis and treatment. According to incomplete statistics, in 2018, the district 39 public tertiary medical institution under 18 patients. 550000 cases, 7 increase from the same period in 2017. 8%. Autonomous region health committee of a strong, comprehensively promote various forms of couplet of medical construction, grassroots medical institutions in xinjiang ZhenLiaoLiang proportion of total ZhenLiaoLiang continuously improved, county hospital JiuZhenLv district reached 85 in 2018. 5%, for the crucial power health laid the foundation for poverty alleviation poverty. With high quality medical resources extends to the grassroots, remote poor areas of xinjiang, more and more people can enjoy safe, efficient, high quality and convenient medical service. At the same time, also in xinjiang through institutional innovation, integration to optimize medical resources, effectively reduce the operation cost, to curb the excessive medical treatment, reduce the financial burden on the health care costs.
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