Comprehensive medical consumables addition to cancel the public medical institution in qinghai province

by:Celecare     2020-06-12
On December 26 December 25, the reporter learns from the province health bureau, to effectively curb unreasonable growth of medical treatment charge, effectively reduce the burden of the people go to a doctor, in recent days, the provincial health bureau, provincial health committee, the provincial financial department, market supervision bureau jointly issued 'about advancing the public medical institutions in qinghai province to cancel medical consumables addition to adjust part of the medical services price notice, since December 31, 2019, the provincial public medical institutions at all levels will abolish all medical consumables addition, after the adjustment of medical service prices. It is understood that this is the 2015 comprehensive having canceled public hospital drug addition, comprehensive health reform in our province and a major move, marked the public medical institutions in our province farewell to material for medical history, officially entered the era of medical consumables zero rate. It is understood that after the public medical institutions to cancel the medical consumables bonus, according to the material purchasing price charge, no longer premium, a zero rate of sales. Used to cancel the medical consumables bonus policy from the free space, synchronous improve reflect technical labor value of medical service prices. Pricing 509 items involving six categories, among them, 15 comprehensive medical services, pathology diagnosis of 7, 72 clinical diagnosis, surgical treatment, rehabilitation medical 9, 374 items of Tibetan 32. Medical institutions to cancel consumables bonus reduced after reasonable income, through improve the medical service price 10% 80%, financial compensation and medical institutions to absorb 10%, balance of total income basic medical institutions, benign run smoothly. 'Notice' requirements, health care, health departments at all levels pay close attention to the policy implementation, strengthen the daily supervision and management, to cancel the medical consumables does not perform bonus policy, improve the standard rate, self-sustaining programs, since the standard charge, decomposition project, as well as the compulsory service, such as forced charging behavior of medical institutions, in accordance with the law, investigate, rule-breaking pay part shall be recovered in full or refuse to pay medical insurance fund. At the same time, to strengthen policy advocacy, accurate interpretation of policies and measures to ensure the smooth implementation, effectively reduce the burden of the masses go to a doctor, to improve people's health care get sense, happiness and security.
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