Anhui listed on the first Internet hospital

by:Celecare     2020-06-24
On December 13 hospitals in anhui province ( The first hospital affiliated to China university of science and technology) , the first affiliated hospital of anhui medical university, anhui medical university the second affiliated hospital, the first affiliated hospital of anhui medical university, hefei boe, hospitals, five hospitals, as the first Internet hospital in anhui province, was founded on 12th. It is known that medical service development in anhui is in the key stage of transition from information to wisdom. As the Internet and other information technology are widely used in the field of medical treatment, diagnosis and treatment, such as the Internet + Internet hospital medical Internet service rapid development of new forms. Internet + health demonstration province of anhui, in recent years continue to deepen reform, focus on strengthening the construction of medical wisdom, meet the demand of people multi-level and diversification of health service. Anhui WeiJianWei medical cure in the controller introduces, as a new thing, Internet hospital participation main body, involves broad areas, more privacy security risk is high, must standardize trade access, and strengthen the supervision of operations. Therefore, introduced the measures for the management of Internet in anhui province hospital ( Trial) 》( Hereinafter referred to as the 'method') Category, access to the Internet hospital, operation rules and supervision and management, etc. Make that clear. 'Method' regulation, the hospital clinical course medical institutions shall not exceed entity diagnosis and treatment course; All online diagnosis, prescription, must have a physician electronic signature, effective prescription shall be qualified by the pharmacist; On the Internet may not prescribe narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, etc. 'Method' regulation, also the Internet hospital must be strictly implemented information security and data privacy related laws and regulations, properly keep patient information, may illegally buying and selling, reveal that patient information. The Internet medical service information outside the server must not be stored in the, information platform shall not deployed in custody, leasing in overseas servers. The controller introduces, diagnosis and treatment for the whole of the Internet regulation, all medical institutions to carry out Internet clinical activities must be full marks, traceability, and open to the supervision department data interface, to ensure the medical quality and safety of Internet medical services, the bottom line.
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