A Shanghai dimethyl hospital a director in an interview with teng finance has said, now can only endure, said grading diagnosis will reduce the secondary medical institutions to dead ends. The truth will be what

by:Celecare     2020-07-17
吗? 'Look at those' to bring you exclusive interpretation. Not all secondary hospitals to suffer! It is well known that most county hospital are secondary hospitals in our country. According to a report in the understanding, to see their profession both in the past era of strong base, or the next grading medical reform era, county-level hospitals are the biggest beneficiaries. First of all, health care for the whole county hospitals have enough patient, second large Numbers of government funding for hardware equipment, building a new county hospital. What can say in addition to the lack of medical talents has everything. The next few years the reform outside two trends: hierarchical diagnosis and push sanming health reform. Hierarchical diagnosis and treatment is not a serious illness county, county hospital hardware and software could usher in a new round of strengthen the tide. Now even the super large hospital help county hospital a few eye, want to claim kinship and county hospital medical couplet, expert support. The reason is that the future county hospital will be the center in the classification diagnosis and referral system, seize resources. Besides sanming health reform, the government to do the medical liability claims, is the meaning of the government must pay. According to a report in the understanding, look at those in sanming health a few years down, a number of county-level hospitals look brand-new, because the local government almost scored the hospital infrastructure construction. Visible to meet county hospital will be spring, rather than death. Regional city secondary hospitals or above will pour big bad! What are the secondary hospitals to bad luck? In fact is above ground level and some sandwich layer 2 class hospital of the city. In sanming, for example, according to 'look at those' know, sanming first hospital as a secondary hospital X is going home, want money have no money, no to patients and doctors is radically different income and the county hospitals. Why? Or go directly to the patients with 3 armour hospital like sanming first hospital, or go directly to the government strongly support the county hospital, who would go to such a sandwich layer hospital? More exaggerated, according to the cure of sanming spirit, cancelled the registration fee and charge change for inspecting, 48 yuan, refer directly to the chief physician of doctor of vice director of 38 yuan, attending physician in 28 yuan, the level of the resident 18 yuan, sanming city, a five yuan, deputy director of the physician to complain, the inspecting fee so high, and is deputy director of the physician fee only less than two dollars a sanming first hospital, patients with more to come! The situation just sanming unique? Along with the advancement of medicine zero bonus to reform, the country could be the cancellation of the registration fee to improve cure technology LaoWuXing charges, such as the city level 2 hospital cure will significantly raise the level of unity to large hospital, patients also will come? And, of course, is that drug sink. In the words of Beijing original Han Xiaofang, director of the health office, match enough medicine to the grassroots, big hospital outpatient service can be nearly a third less directly. Along with the advancement of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, medications at the grass-roots level will be improved greatly, the chronic disease diagnosis and treatment in tertiary hospital, in the community, who would go to caught in the middle of the secondary hospital? Shanghai downtown one secondary hospital has told the hospital medical director, said now should have a sense of crisis, is likely to be secondary hospitals don't need so many physicians. Early transformation is the only way out! According to 'see their profession', from national to local governments, in fact, in recent years has been encouraging city secondary hospital transformation do rehabilitation endowment, but as a result of rehabilitation in the existing medical service price system is not money, not head to the neck, it is difficult to make up my mind to deans. But sensitive to secondary hospitals have been moving to seek a way out. In Shanghai yangpu district elderly hospital, for example, used to be a comprehensive secondary hospital, standard for running after suffering, rehabilitation hospital seeking transformation, now successfully changed its name to the first rehabilitation hospital in Shanghai. Its recovery characteristics in rehabilitation resource scarcity is more and more popular in Shanghai. Can also have a second first? Late joked that transformation, not only difficult to turn around in time, even on the hospital name is no longer the dominant. The transformation of difficult! Cooperate with the doctor group or good way in one industry insider point of view, for such a large number of city public secondary hospitals, has come to be or not to be the critical moment, a large number of restructuring has become a big probability event; But it is not there is no other way can go, the key is to see the dean of management thought is open. In recent years, the national policies to encourage similar urban transformation of secondary hospital rehabilitation endowment, but it is known that there are very few hospitals reason in this direction transformation, because in medical service price is relatively low at present, the transformation of rehabilitation and pension or face more awkward position.
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