33 kinds of TCM injections grassroots medical institutions must not submit an expense account and use

by:Celecare     2020-06-07
On August 22, 33 kinds of common traditional Chinese medicine injections, secondary grassroots medical institutions must not submit an expense account and use below! Community health service center ( Station) , township hospitals and village clinics, and clinics pay attention! Yesterday, the national health insurance bureau and human resources social security released the 2019 edition medicare drug directory, it is worth noting that the medical insurance directory make more strict limits on the use of TCM injections. The new directory in the remarks column, of some commonly used traditional Chinese medicine injection, and put forward clear requirements at the grass-roots level, only more than secondary medical institutions can use, and severe diseases, such as limitations. Compared to the 2017 original medicare catalog, this time the new directory restrict the increase of the primary use injection to 33 species ( Involves the injection of tumor diseases in the omitted) , more of the following varieties, respectively is: swollen section air injection, anti-hepatitis-jaundice injection, injection, check and gasp the spirit of 'chuan xe injection, acanthopanax injection, blood flux injection, injection of blood flux ( Freeze-dried) , thrombosis, tong injection, injection with thrombosis ( Freeze-dried) Blood, shu ning injection, huangqi injection. In order to facilitate everybody understanding, doctors commune will be 2019 medicare catalog is limited injections of traditional Chinese medicines and proprietary Chinese medicine arrangement is as follows: a, 33 kinds of TCM injections, secondary form source: the limited use of the following medical institutions according to the 2019 version of the medical insurance directory doctors commune finishing second, 41 kinds of common proprietary Chinese medicine limited use in addition to the traditional Chinese medicine injections, there are 41 species of common proprietary Chinese medicine, Involved in organ transplantation and tumor diseases such as proprietary Chinese medicine in the omitted) Limited disease or the crowd, shown in the following table: 3, basic TCM injections can check carefully according to the latest national adverse drug reaction monitoring, according to the annual report in 2017 Chinese medicine adverse reactions/events report, proportion of injection is 54. 6%; / incident report if adverse reactions caused by common Chinese patent medicine dosage according to the distribution of intravenous dosing of 54. Accounts for 0%, other injected 0. 6%; Severe adverse reactions/events report intravenous dosing accounted for 84. Accounts for 1%, other injected 1. 0%. Traditional Chinese medicine injection adverse reactions/events in 2017 report of the top five were respectively is a blood thinner, boosting agent, agent begin to understand, clear heat, nourish the agent. Combined with common diagnosis and treatment of accidents at the grass-roots level and the above data, we can see that is not reasonable to use proprietary Chinese medicine injection and its existence must risk problem has become an important reason infusion of frequent accidents at the grass-roots level. Medical insurance directory at this year's adjustment, still adhere to the strict to control and limit of the traditional Chinese medicine injections, again grassroots medical institutions can not use the TCM injections. Now in addition to large hospital many grassroots medical institutions clinics already has carried on the limits to infusion, the infusion of excessive reliance on phenomenon must be under control. But there are still a part of the grassroots doctors still don't have rescue equipment, without knowledge of the corresponding rescue desperate, on the one hand, sudden adverse reaction when unable to treat patients in time, on the other hand, the end of the infusion after the accident is usually not satisfactory. So, small club again: can not infusion as far as possible not infusion, even infusion activities must be clear what injection can't use at the grassroots level always vigilant, to prevent an accident!
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