16 square in wuhan hospital Hugh tank were 1. More than 20000 people

by:Celecare     2020-06-30
On March 11th, March 10, 15 PM, as the last of the 49 new crown pneumonia patients out of the tank, wuchang square hospital running after 35 days, was formally take hold. At this point, all 16 square in wuhan hospital tank. Quickly diagnose mild patients treated rise, giving medical care, and family and social isolation, avoid to cause new source of infection, is crucial. To wuhan research guidance, vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, respiratory and critical care medicine expert wang Chen had said in early February, this will enable large space and the application of hospital beds. Since February 3, driven by the central committee to hubei, wuhan and national parties that night rescue force action, the 20 provinces emergency deploy large tertiary general hospital in the medical rescue team, such as the convention and exhibition center, stadiums of wuhan city into a square hospital, treated confirmed mild cases. It is understood that from the first square hospital putting-in-service proactively has in the past more than 30 days, these putting-in-service proactively square hospital has treated more than 1. 20000 new crown pneumonia in patients with mild. Wuhan new champions confirmed on average every four patients, one in the square hospital for treatment. From 94, more than 8000 medical workers across the country if necessary application hospital. By state health medical hospital authority deputy bureau telephoto, hui said: square hospital that history will be written in wuhan, hubei, even against the new crown pneumonia disease in China's history, created China's experience. Wuchang square hospital is February 3 started three square of the hospital, one of the first night. Dominated by wuhan university people's hospital operation, 14 team 9 provinces 868 medical workers to participate in treatment. Square, vice President of the people's hospital of wuhan university, wuchang hospital said that hosts the wuchang square hospital has opened 784 sickbeds, admitted patients and 1124 people over the total discharge of 833 people, the cumulative transfer of 291 people, has realized the patient zero deaths, zero turn head, paramedics zero infection. Square as wuchang hospital, one of the last batch of patients discharged from hospital in wuhan, a 64 - year - old citizens Wen Changping very excited. If there is no application, 'he said,' I can't imagine what happens. I lived in rushing for 33 days, medical staff to take care of very carefully. Now, he says, his negative nucleic acid detection, then to rehabilitation, 14 days post isolation will be allowed to return home. It is understood that several square hospital has not cured the patient has been transferred to the point of wuhan city were hospital continue to treatment.
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