13. 500 million national open WeChat to receive health care electronic certificate

by:Celecare     2020-06-14
WeChat platform officially opened on March 18, the national health insurance by electronic bill. From now on, the user can be triggered by WeChat health electronic evidence, the future health care code can be used across the country, see a doctor to buy medicine to implement a yard pass, no card. It is understood that the ginseng protect people can through the national health service platform APP or WeChat channel activation health electronic evidence, including teng health WeChat small program, my health WeChat public number, etc. Teng health small program, for example, those people just open WeChat - I - Payment - Medical and health, click on the national health care electronic documents immediately active, according to the guidelines to complete the authentication and authorization can be activated. Health care electronic document is in the health care information platform of a unique identifier, is one of a yard electronic identity document for health care. Can be realized through health care electronic proof of the identity authentication and authorization, and code to pay, health care clinic and renewal party clearing, settlement, slow Internet hospital disease health care more scenarios using query, etc. Teng relevant controller introduces, in the center of the hospital and the club kang, ginseng protect people can implement without card, with health care electronic documents and codes can be done by inputting, registration, payment, take medicine, reduce the window queuing, repeatedly running errands. In pharmacy, health care code of open WeChat card package, sweep code can health buy medicine, also just yards on pay, avoid change and credit card. As health care, he said, the electronic documents of the opening, the future health care electronic documents will cover more scenes, fully meet the needs of diversified healthcare services. The health care electronic documents opening facing the whole country, will cover 13 of the country. Ginseng of 500 million people. According to statistics, the use of health care electronic documents, average save time in the hospital waiting for 43 patients. 6 minutes, greatly shorten the treatment time. ( Reporter Liang Qian)
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