Yunnan first 5 g + wisdom medical innovation center inaugurated

by:Celecare     2020-06-28
On January 2, 31, first 5 g + wisdom medical innovation center in yunnan in the first affiliated hospital of kunming medical university ( Hereinafter referred to as kunduz physician one) Formal completion. In the future, the center will make use of 5 g technology, cooperate with artificial intelligence, AR, VR applications, such as carries on the practice and exploration in the medical field. The center YouKun physician one in yunnan, China mobile company ( Hereinafter referred to as mobile) in yunnan A cooperation. In May 2019, the two sides signed 5 g wisdom medical cooperation agreement, and for the country's first in September 5 g + two-way operation. In recent years, China mobile in the field of health care for a wide range of exploration and accumulation, the cumulative service 1 in 31 provinces throughout the country. 500 million patients, and to cooperate with more than 50 domestic hospitals to carry out the 5 g network construction and business exploration work. Yunnan mobile GeSongHai introduction, general manager of the completion of the 5 g + wisdom with China mobile medical innovation center will be 5 g network features, in the 5 g wisdom ward VR visit, 5 g urban emergency rescue system, leading examining robots and other business aspects carries on the practice and exploration, improving patients' medical experience. 5 g urban emergency rescue system in the demonstration, the reporter sees, patients on 5 g after the ambulance, the accessory doctors use 5 g medical equipment complete, electrocardiogram, blood test B to wait to check, and will be in 5 g network medical imaging, signs, patient records and other information in real time life back to the hospital, emergency center experts are using remote consultation system, panorama technology and VR glasses, for the first time on-site rescue instruction. The original 4 g remote surgery because of time delay problem is very difficult to carry out, the cloud image technology for transmission efficiency also slow to large-scale, normal use. Kunduz physician kun-hua wang, dean of a hospital, said that in the future, 5 g + wisdom medical innovation center will use the 5 g characteristics such as high speed, low power consumption, low latency, through technology and equipment to the objective conditions such as referral, clouds, the clouds cloud ultrasonic complete multidisciplinary venereology aspects such as diagnosis and treatment and the instruction. According to introducing, 5 g medical wisdom as a kind of new medical treatments, to break the regional restrictions, raising the level of diagnosis and medical help in hospital, reduce the risk of surgery. At the same time, with the aid of 5 g medical private network technology, the patient can be convenient to use online booking register, query, online diagnosis and treatment, etc. , to shorten the waiting time.
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