Wuhan WeiJianWei: community there are still sporadic cases epidemic situation is still grim

by:Celecare     2020-06-20
On March 16, despite the recent wuhan new confirmed cases continues to single digits. But there are still a community outpatient service of sporadic cases. Epidemic prevention and control situation is still very grim. 15 a new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work at a news conference, hubei province, wuhan city, deputy director of WeiJianWei Zheng Yun said. Since March 11, wuhan new confirmed cases remain single for 4 days. Zheng Yun is introduced, a lot of people think the epidemic has been brought under effective control in wuhan city, hope to return to normal life, we are very understanding. But according to the laws of the epidemiological investigation analysis and infectious diseases, epidemic prevention and control situation is still very serious now in wuhan city. Zheng Yun said on March 13 and 14, wuhan were 1 case of confirmed cases from the outpatient cases. And in the process of epidemiological investigation, found that patients and families have to go out during that occupy the home and in the activity of trajectory in the district, the community infection could not rule out, so the current has the certain community infection risk. Zheng Yun warn broad wuhan citizens, the epidemic is still highly vigilant, avoid going out. Had to go out, be sure to do personal protection, keep distance with others.
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