Wuhan to 11 patients with suspected test reset

by:Celecare     2020-06-20
In hubei wuhan municipal party committee secretary guo-qiang ma 10 new crown pneumonia at a regular press conference that the epidemic prevention and control work, at noon as of 10, nearly two days trying to find the 1499 patients with severe pneumonia confirmed new champions league in wuhan have been admitted to hospital, wuhan will get done in 11, all new crown pneumonia in patients with suspected test reset. Guo-qiang ma said the suspected patient of centralized management and centralized treatment is one of the difficult points of the current fighting the new crown pneumonia outbreak. Through nearly two days of the city's screening and fully admitted, up to 10, at noon, 1499 patients with severe pneumonia confirmed new champions league have been admitted to hospital. During this period, while the best effort to speed up the detection efficiency, but there is still no completely in patients with suspected detection reset. Guo-qiang ma, 11, will try to finish all testing in the patients with suspected in the city. But due to the sampling, testing, to the results, and then to the next day the second test, middle confirmed takes a certain amount of time, so still don't rule out the emergence of new suspected cases. Next, wuhan will intensify efforts to these critically ill patients to the hospital for the treatment of simple and isolation, at the same time improve the efficiency of detection, expand the number of hospital beds, speed up the patients and was hospitalized in our hospital.
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