Wuhan - the largest number of 'square hospital' to complete the transformation

by:Celecare     2020-06-19
Has 3690 treatment isolation beds in China optical valley, the sea rushing hospital 20 through acceptance, this marks the wuhan square hospital beds most is about to be put into use. China optical valley, the sea rushing hidden dragon island hospital project is located in wuhan science and technology park, covers an area of 283. 3 acres, using the original day sea industrial park of wuhan al group workshop. Factory existing four steel structure factory building, with a total area of about 5. An area of 40000 square meters, can provide treatment isolated 3690 beds. In the second shipping board of alternating transformation area C, are the most common ward beds. The second shipping board of CCCC project director Liu Yi said, due to the isolation ward large space area C alone has 1445 beds, how to ensure the air flow in the large space one-way flow, avoid cross contamination, is must solve the problem. After system research, factory existing conditions of project owner, adjust measures to local conditions. In roof hood at the same time, the north window seal, south east and part of the window, and exhaust equipment are placed in the north. North of the air flow from open Windows to exhaust equipment, realize one-way flow naturally. According to introducing, the day the sea rushing hospital treated area design every 20 beds as a tank, relatively independent but wind. Besides each bed is equipped with electric blanket to keep warm and to thicken the quilt, each factory also packaged chiller air conditioning installation, meet the demand of the patient's warm. Each class is equipped with a separate water machine, equipped with a bathroom, shower and mobile toilets, and provide 24-hour hot water, wash, shower available for patients. In addition, the application hospital each building is designed specifically for patients to rest area, including film and television, reading area, books, snacks, drinks, the whole area of WIFI coverage, meet the demand of relaxing, auxiliary treatment.
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