Wuhan square hospital to 12 plan enabled more than twenty thousand beds

by:Celecare     2020-06-18
19 reporters learned from wuhan new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control command that at present, the wuhan has enabled all 12 square hospital, the square in the city hospital plan has more than twenty thousand beds. It is reported, this 12 enabled all rushing hospital including jianghan wuhan international convention &exhibition center square, wuhan dongxihu district has superior living room, wuchang hongshan stadium square square hospital, hospital riverbank wuhan national fitness center square, hanyang wuhan international exhibition center square, hospital Qiao mouth square of wuhan gymnasium, wuhan development zone of wuhan sports center square, large jiangxia huashan hospital application hospital, east lake development zone optical valley science and technology exhibition center square, square Huang Bei sports center hospital, caidian district valley square bosom friend hospitals and castle peak square wuhan sports center hospital. To intensify the building of isolated point reserve, plate in colleges, the hubei university, wuhan Marine vocational and technical college, hubei university of Chinese medicine, wuhan business vocational college, jianghan university, wuhan city, wuhan instrument such as emergency requisition electronic school gymnasium, part of the dormitory as rushing to hospital. Are supporting the construction process of the colleges, and has set up a part in operation. The other it is understood that the latest batch of square hospital siting aiming to bus terminal hall empty factories, logistics, warehouse, etc. Mainly includes the optical valley, the sea rushing, hospital temple mountain industrial park square, the Yangtze river new town square, hospital hankou north passenger transportation center square, jianghan economic development zone, han steam industrial workshop square square hospital hospital, wuhan development zone third party class hospital, qingshan district sports center of science and technology application, hospital application materials in wuhan city hospital, etc. So far, wuhan square in the city hospital plan has reached 20461 beds. Wuhan new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, said an official with the headquarters related with the running, the parties hold hospital patients diagnosis and treatment and ability will be effectively treated.
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