Wuhan 'square hospital' expanded to more than 11 beds

by:Celecare     2020-06-20
4, full preparations for the square cabinet hospital, wuhan as a new type of coronavirus pneumonia in patients with mild to provide mobile medical facilities. On the same day, another batch of gymnasium, exhibition center to join, expansion and application of hospital to 11, accepts increased to more than beds. By 4 night, 11 square hospital are: wuhan hongshan gymnasium, sitting room, wuhan international exhibition center, science and technology convention and exhibition center, a high-tech industrycenter of wuhan international exhibition center, sports center tower lake, wuhan gymnasium, ling senior vocational middle school in wuhan city, huashan outdoor sports center, Huang Bei one sports center stadium and wuhan. The reporter sees, hongshan gymnasium goods have been shipped in place. In addition to the bed, mattress and table, electric blanket, wastebasket, mineral water and other supporting materials have also been documented life; Here in wuhan, the sitting room, set the ABC three area, to place more than 2000 beds, preparations are nervous. At the scene of the construction, set up temporary headquarters in wuhan city. Wuhan city public security bureau, its Chinese hubei wuhan power supply companies and other departments set up security, such as electric power security program, to the construction schedule. For days, wuhan home to early observation of four types of personnel ( Diagnosed patients, patients with suspected patients, fever, close contacts) Centralized quarantine measures. In the application of hospital are expanding at the same time, the wuhan city for four types of researchers isolated observation points are also on the increase. Society non-governmental forces spontaneously join construction force, have a plenty of surrounding residents of the masses, have a plenty of online. They join, obligation to support, warm and touching scene. The second batch of aid medical team leader of hubei, Shanghai ruijin hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, deputy director of er-zhen Chen said, vulcan hill hospital has been put into operation, the thor hill hospital are almost completed, rushing after the completion of the hospital, will be more conducive to concentrate treated and control infection. Application is mobile medical facilities, hospital with emergency treatment, surgical treatment, clinical examination and other functions.
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