Wuhan outbreaks have fallen to low adjust the health resource allocation pattern

by:Celecare     2020-05-13
On March 16, wuhan municipal government deputy secretary-general li tao in 15 new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work in hubei province told a news conference, the current outbreak of wuhan has from high to low, timely adjust the medical resources allocation pattern in the city, as a whole do a good job in the new the new champions league crown pneumonia patients treated and pneumonia patients medical security work. Li tao introduces, at present the wuhan centralized advantage new crown pneumonia patients medical treatment resources, the implementation of the first clinical triage admitted, jiangsu provincial, body temperature monitoring in key sites work, specification set up fever clinics; For severe and critical cases one medical team one diagnosis and treatment plan; To carry out the pilot transfer mechanism, establish a separation point, the fixed-point hospital, hospital phase of transhipment, patients with mild concentration to the vulcan the mountains, the thor, gold and silver lake hospital, such as 7 hospitals, patients with severe to the union hospital west campus, east campus in hubei province people's hospital and other three hospitals. At the same time, wuhan to strengthen the medical and health resources to plan as a whole, the other patients medical demand, give attention to two or morethings gradually returned to normal medical order. Li tao is introduced, the existing 46 fixed-point hospital patients in wuhan city to concentrate in 10 fixed-point hospital, hospital of teng back sanitizers, restore the original system. 10, repair has been completed 14 provincial hospital, 18 city hospital is under repair, the remaining 14 fixed-point hospital completed before the end of march to repair. In addition, the implementation to area for the unit normal medical one to two hospitals, community health center gradually restore health work, gradually open inoculation against children and other people. Li tao, according to wuhan city to promote online medical service, set up psychological hotline, and incorporate the Internet + medical insurance coverage. , deputy director of the wuhan city health Zheng Yun said that in order to meet different levels of demand, according to the blocks in wuhan city coordinated scribing, classification, general principles of the designated admitted, in addition to the headquarters during the outbreak of tongji hospital, union hospital headquarters, the general hospital of hubei province people's hospital of the ministry, undertake the task difficult critically ill treatment, add some hospitals for emergency and severe cases, maternal, child, tumor and other special people's normal medical treatment demand. 16 square Zheng Yun also said that wuhan hospitals has been gradually take hold, will work for each square hospital is equipped with a special scheme, the working program and monitoring scheme, organize professional team to conduct a comprehensive disinfection and assessment, gradually restore its original function.
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