Wuhan open beds square hospital discharge broken one thousand people at most

by:Celecare     2020-06-19
On March 2, press 1, from hubei province new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work headquarters 36 a news conference, at present, most is currently open in wuhan jianghan square hospital beds, most cumulative treated patients, the cumulative rushing out of the hospital by the largest number of hospitals. 1, jianghan square hospital discharge toll has exceeded one thousand. Jianghan application according to the hospital, union hospital affiliated to huazhong university of science and technology, deputy party secretary Sun Hui introduction, jianghan square hospitals in wuhan international exhibition center, starting from the late February 3, on February 5th, when 21 treated patients. Jianghan square hospital by xiehe hospital affiliated to huazhong university of science and technology in daily management, total beds 1564 pieces, have 20 provincial support hubei medical team, 5 hospitals in wuhan city and the union medical college hospital medical team cooperation, at present has the staff 1153, is currently the most open beds in wuhan, the accumulate treated patients, most has the largest number of rushing out of the hospital hospital. In the face of a serious epidemic, jianghan square hospital quickly realize concentrated mild patients treated in isolation. Among them, the night of February 5, eight hours went fast treated 684 patients. Run to the 10th day, treated toll to 1529. 24 to February 29, jianghan square hospital has treated 1830 patients, the cumulative 932 discharged patients and daily maximum discharge of 138. It is reported, March 1, jianghan square hospital has a group of patients were cured and discharged, the cumulative number of hospital broken thousand, 1072.
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