Wuhan hospital cure 30000 people how to manage and monitor follow-up?

by:Celecare     2020-07-05
On March 12, March 10, 1212 patients were wuhan new. After February 24 solstice on March 8, the number of new discharge more than one thousand people had for 14 consecutive days. Given that there are a few discharged patients nucleic acid testing the re-inspection positives, national WeiJianWei's latest novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment projects, For the seventh edition) Suggest that the hospital patients should continue to 14 days of isolated management and health detection. At present, the epidemic prevention and control into the key phase, the task is still arduous, the hospital patients recover health care is one of the important work. Data show that wuhan has accumulated hospital cure more than 30000 people, how to conduct the follow-up management and monitoring? Xinhua viewpoint reporters tracked. Still more than half of the hospital patients in recovery stage isolation hospital cure to protect new crown pneumonia patients and their family's health and safety, the pilot plan before the seventh edition of diagnosis and treatment, epidemic prevention and control of wuhan new crown pneumonia headquarters on February 22, issued a notice: this new crown cure pneumonia patients after hospital discharge, should be implemented uniformly to the designated place for a period of 14 days free rehabilitation isolation and medical observation. Observation period, in qualified health quarantine. Reporters found that in late February, the first to cure patients admitted to the rehabilitation stations, has recently isolation, the expiration of 14 days begin to lift in isolation. On March 8, qingshan district factory street rehabilitation post before the first 50 isolation expiration of 14 days of the new champions to cure patients with pneumonia, quarantine home; As of March 10, the street jianghan district public opinion platinum lai hua hotel rehabilitation hospital post nine patients after the examination, obtain home after quarantine certificate. Reporter found that some streets, community in wuhan, more than half of the discharged patients in recovery stage in quarantine. As of March 10, hanyang Jiang Bo community hospital has 35 patients, including 19 in the rehabilitation stage; According to data provided by jianghan district public streets, as of March 10, 176 cases of discharged patients, 134 cases in rehabilitation stations, more than 7 to discharged patients. Hubei WeiJianWei according to data released by the end of March 10, the wuhan hospital cure 33041 cases. According to wuhan new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control command, on March 10, rehabilitation stations can use 35052 beds, has 18451 beds. According to the data measured in wuhan, now out of the hospital patients, more than half are still in the recovery to quarantine station. Rehabilitation stations, have a plenty of requisition hotel, dormitory, have a plenty of overlay reporter recently visited several rehabilitation stations, found that some of the rehabilitation station is close contacts before concentration segregation or suspected in patients with isolated points. In jianghan district public streets, platinum China hotel peak 52 rooms full of rehabilitation in quarantine personnel. Rehabilitation post jakyzheng, head of the introduction, the expropriation of the hotel on February 4, isolation point for suspected patients, patients with suspected after the transfer, February 24, began to be recovery station, receives the discharged patients. Some zone expropriation of the college students dormitory as rehabilitation. Reporters into rehabilitation post to see, the original four people a dormitory has been transformed into a single room, student bed and cabinet are nailed on the protective paper, single bed room on the other, and are equipped with a vacuum cup, slippers, toilet paper and other supplies. Reporters found that some area new temporary structures for rehabilitation. Qiao estuary dyeing rehabilitation station is at a construction site of newly built houses, a total of 400 beds. Despite a humble room, water and electricity, bathroom and other related facilities. Reporters found that rehabilitation stations are equipped with medical staff. In Qiao estuary dyeing rehabilitation stations, as of March 11 in 244, the medical personnel 12 people; Platinum, China hotel has 45 people in isolation by 10, a total of four medical staff. It is understood that in addition to measuring temperature such as conventional medical observation, some rehabilitation station coordinate psychological public welfare organizations, for the psychological pressure of discharged patients to provide advisory services. According to the trial version 7 therapeutic regimen, the hospital patients with conditions of living in a single room with good ventilation. But the reporter visited found that some one does not implement a rehabilitation post. Main converted from a rehabilitation post printing workshop, originally prepared as rushing to hospital. The rehabilitation station controller introduces, at present there are more than 500 beds, the actual check in more than 170 people. Check-in staff between beds, bed space as far as possible, up to 6 square meters per capita. The reporter understands, at present the some district of wuhan city to further strengthen the screening, patients with home quarantine before a few self-healing, isolated point of cure in patients with suspected of follow-up. A main WeiJianWei controller introduces, this area is to screen more than 700 people, has been given to the more than 200 people of quarantine medical certificate. If there are indeed still need to be hospitalized patients, we will again be treated. A number of medical experts said, according to the clinical findings, should strengthen the tracking of new crown cure pneumonia. Xiehe hospital affiliated to tongji medical college huazhong university of science and technology, associate professor, jiangxia district new crown pneumonia prevention and control expert group leader liu bender Suggestions, in view of the new virus is a newly discovered virus, at present the understanding is not enough in-depth, hospital patient follow-up and monitoring should be strengthened, libraries can create new crown pneumonia cases, such as discovery, early warning symptoms can timely report.
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