Wuhan: at the end of march fixed-point hospital normal medical order

by:Celecare     2020-06-18
On March 13, the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation actively good, but the average patient medical treatment demand is becoming more and more prominent. 12 in the afternoon at the hubei new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work headquarters press conference, 44 new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control of wuhan medical way long white, benevolent army battalion medical treatment group, under the guidance of the central steering group medical treatment group, wuhan plan at the end of March 4 batch of fixed-point hospital normal medical order, and gradually to meet the medical needs of the general public. According to introducing, the first batch of 14 hospitals around March 10, repair, with provincial and municipal level of first-class hospital based on campus is given priority to, at present has been completed; The second batch of fixed-point hospital repair plan is 18, on March 15th or so to complete, mainly city hospital and new district people's hospital; The third batch of plan repair city and parts of the city's eight fixed-point hospital, plan on March 20 or so; The fourth batch of completed in March 31 huazhong university tongji hospital in new campus in the repair work, as the case may be. Xiang-jun bai says all empty hospital will immediately carry out thorough sanitizers work, planned step by step to do a good job of accepts the new crown patients of SARS. For preview triage, patient screening, ward management, hospital prevention and control of each work, on the basis of hospitals will be open and orderly outpatient and ward, fully recover normal medical order, and guide a rational medical patients. He said, it is recommended that the patient to register online, according to the appointment time, avoid cluster waiting at the hospital, encourage the use of online diagnosis and treatment, health care drugstore that decide a dot distribution and so on. It is understood that at present, wuhan determine 10 new crown pneumonia fixed-point hospital including central China optical valley campus university of tongji hospital, huazhong university xiehe hospital affiliated hospital, wuhan university people's hospital of west east court, thor, the mountains, vulcan, gold and silver lake in wuhan hospital, wuhan and other 10 pulmonary hospital medical resources concentrated quality hospital, need to repair the fixed-point hospital patients and make the medical team will also shift to the 10 designated hospital.
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