Wuchang square hospital cure the patients discharged from hospital

by:Celecare     2020-06-21
At 4 PM, 11, wuhan hongshan outside the stadium. Leaning on the isolation pile, li took 9 year old son, exciting and looked nervously took a son from time to time to ask him a mom what time? Soon, soon. He said. Feng-ling zhang li's wife on diagnosis, February 6, be sent to the newly built square hospital putting-in-service proactively of wuchang. After days of isolation treatment and recuperation nursing, now she has been cured. According to the national WeiJianWei released the new coronavirus infection pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan, For the fifth edition) ', at the same time to achieve temperature returned to normal more than 3 days, respiratory symptoms improved significantly, lung imaging showed obvious inflammation absorption, two consecutive respiratory pathogen nucleic acid testing for negative ( Sampling time interval of at least 1 day) Four standards, such as to achieve the discharge conditions. Together with feng-ling zhang to discharge, and 27 patients. Among them, the hospital is on February 6, is the most late on Feb. 9, the youngest, 25, the largest at the age of 69. Wuhan come on! China refuels! Thanks to medical staff, thanks to country! Once out of the hospital, feng-ling zhang took the lead to shout the slogan, this is brewing in her mind for many days. Congratulations on rehabilitation. To pass out of the hospital certificate for each patient, wuchang rushing the hospital's hosts will send his blessing. To take the proof and carry on bags and feng-ling zhang first out of the campus. In the crowd, she saw li and his son at a glance, and staff to pick up her streets. Articles for daily use from soup to nuts, bed also paved the electric blanket, every day to eat good, and fruit and medicine. From time to time have medical personnel with everyone doing minor activity, sometimes is a square dance, sometimes is singing. Feng-ling zhang to spill the beans like to tell everyone about the life in the square. Although video contact every day, until received from his wife, li hanging heart to make sure. The matters needing attention of discharge remember? Took his wife's baggage, he asked. The doctor told very clearly, I also remember firmly the - - - - - - - Pay attention to rest, eat good drink good, home quarantine. Arm around his wife, holding his son, li took the family took Zhang Ying before rushing hospital, go, we go home! I do you most like to eat braise in soy sauce meat. The party and the government, the efforts of the staff, patients and residents understand and cooperate with, everything will be ok! Hosts said.
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