Wen-hong zhang experts such as talking about Shanghai plan: to prevent mild to severe

by:Celecare     2020-05-11
Shanghai new crown pneumonia expert treatment group, a senior expert group leader wen-hong zhang and so on a number of experts 5 interpretation in Shanghai Shanghai scheme. Experts said the Shanghai plan is one of the key mark moved forward, prevent mild to severe. To prevent severe chemical productive in the past more than a month of time, we see the Shanghai stop the effect of intensive, one is early identification ( Through the image diagnosis and treatment technology etc. ) , one is taking intervention measures, to prevent severe, ( These) To be effective. Zhongshan hospital, director of respiratory infection disease bi-jie hu said. He introduced, probably around from February 10 ( Start) No patients from normal to severe, Shanghai, Or) Severe to critical, that is to say, this part of the Shanghai work is effective. , Shanghai has found more than 300 confirmed cases bi-jie hu said, in the light and the proportion of ordinary pneumonia accounts for about 85%, how to prevent or stop those patients to intensive, or severe to critical direction, is our team in the past more than a month time thinking over and over again, and explore the important content. His team specific measures include: introduction, diet, sleep and other positive correction, maintenance of immune function and so on. In spite of the rescue of critically ill patients is very important, we spent a lot of energy, but if we can prevent the patient to the development of intensive and critical direction, actually we are saved back. He said. Run, in fact, don't let doctors and nurses with viruses, is prevention, not cure. Ruijin hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine, said en-qiang MAO, director of the emergency department. He said that Shanghai scheme, the key point is: mark moved forward, prevent light intensive. If in the critical state, our doctor is very passive, doctors, nurses, to run behind disease, if we take the initiative to attack, blocking its severe, run behind the doctor is disease, and that is the problem of active and passive. En-qiang MAO said. He and introduced the intensive treatment: once to severe state, this is the question that the whole body, not a lung problem, from head to foot, from the inside out, from top to bottom all organs are involved. We put forward the scientific rescue, integrated control. Technology support, Shanghai new crown pneumonia patients accurately experts in treatment group, a senior expert group leader wen-hong zhang said the precise therapy is also a research direction of Shanghai team is very important, why is science and technology support? Science and technology to make we can give the patient accurately, providing racquet head obviously is not accurate. In response to a reporter new coronavirus will disappear with the hot weather? Questions, wen-hong zhang said, now it's hard to tell, but the big probability estimates may be yes. But he stressed that, The disease) In winter, in the summer, after months of prevention and control, virus waves down, ( Possible) Just came to this point in time, usually it is hard to distinguish between what is science, what is a coincidence, in this case, we think the pathologist research, research into the dynamics of the disease, is very important. Wen-hong zhang said, there are a lot of people doing these research, the research on the most afraid of is a misreading and misunderstanding, the problem is very big.
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