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by:Celecare     2020-07-08
More large hospital, began to recover the clinic more large hospital began to recover the clinic guangzhou February 24, the first people's hospital, the hospital will gradually carry out the normal medical work. Outpatient service, in addition to the dental other specialists all begin a full booking real-name, strict quadratic preview triage. Using thermal imaging is used to detect the body temperature quickly, see a doctor before signed the pledge, truthfully report the epidemiology history; Do a clinic and one person. Nanfang hospital, southern medical university has issued on February 24 On March 1, see announcement, outpatient service (from Monday to Friday all day begin Including HuiQiao medical center) On Saturday morning I begin; Continue to suspend physical examination, medical clinics; Emergency, fever clinics, pediatric emergency 24 hours begin. February 24, guangzhou women and children health care center open all campus outpatient service recovery. Son medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics, etc and each specialized subject of average outpatient service outpatient service (all begin In addition to the oral medicine) suspended begin ; To the reservation system, the period of time, every doctor visit, which make an appointment; Emergency and fever outpatient service 24 hours begin. Guangdong province maternity and child care released - on February 24 Announcement, on March 1, outpatient service begin hairdressing, otolaryngology, medical, dental TingZhen; Only accept maternal medical begin with internal diseases; Only accepts regions begin women, children, patients; The rest of the clinical departments begin as usual, but will control the reservation number, please refer to our source of doctor visits in the day. Previously, guangdong hospital, zhujiang hospital, southern medical university hospital has returned to throughout the day begin on February 17, implement the system of appointment. Regarding health committee in jiangsu province recently issued the new crown pneumonia outbreak medical service during the period of notice, require the province medical institutions for disease prevention and control at the same time, in addition to facial treatment such as oral cavity part, ent, ophthalmology, now on other departments gradually returned to normal medical order, meet the demand of the masses go to a doctor. Sue big with a hospital specialist ( ZhuanBing) Outpatient service began on February 24, recovery experts, ZhuanBing) Outpatient service, including the institute senior expert outpatient service. High-risk departments ( Such as otolaryngology, ophthalmology, dental, etc. ) , multi-disciplinary comprehensive outpatient service, convenient outpatient, pediatrics, retired old expert outpatient service, ten catalpa street campus outpatient clinics, breathing endoscope, digestive endoscopy, otolaryngology scope and HP breathing test consider delay recovery, high-risk departments still only open emergency in ten catalpa street on campus. Nanjing first hospital is restored the appointment of the limits of project, the registered project has no immediate recovery. Guizhou province people's hospital of guizhou province people's hospital in order to strengthen the clinic management, eliminate risk of infection, the hospital for all except emergency, fever outpatient clinic practice the full source and make an appointment, period of time to see a doctor. According to the regulation, the specialist physicians with clinic visit a source control, reduce staff strictly enforce the minute clinic, accepts the patient must first ask popular history and record in the medical records, strict enforcement of one person one room. Fuyang city women and children hospital outpatient service are arranged as following: the hospital from February 22, 2020, the recovery in non-emergency make an appointment and make an appointment to check. In addition to the ophthalmic, otolaryngology, only receiving emergency patients, dental, cosmetic surgery clinic continue to pause, the other normal and orderly department accepts. Part for epidemic prevention and control requirements, check the project cannot be carried out, the hospital will be related to register, after being outbreak lifted again to make a diagnosis and give treatment. Medical service and drug supply gradually restore on February 17th, national WeiJianWei medical hospital authority has issued to strengthen during the outbreak of medical service management to meet the basic medical demand notice. Notice no TingZhen - all are put forward - - - - - - Outside, in hubei province to connection with the development of epidemic situation, grasping the epidemic prevention and control, grasping the medical service, shall not make one size fits all, cannot use TingZhen will daily medical services of a closed. In addition to the large hospitals in returning the clinic, small and medium-sized clinics in medical services. On February 18th, zhoushan city, zhejiang province WeiJianWei issued the medical services for private clinics in stages restoration notice, according to the file, on February 23, 158 private clinics, In addition to the dental clinic) And not included in the integrated management of village clinics, Station) Back to normal medical services. In addition, the zhejiang hangzhou, jinhua, zhejiang, hainan haikou, xinxiang, henan, jiangsu nantong chongchuan district of retail pharmacies have successively restored fever, cough of two classes of drug sales. Medical institutions gradually returned to normal medical activities benefit from the new champions of the epidemic situation in positive. The latest data, on February 23, 0 24, the 31 provinces ( Autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) And the xinjiang production and construction corps report 409 cases of the new cases, only 11 cases of hubei province new cases. Medical representative visit have to see the hospital outpatient service gradually recover slowly, must have a lot of corporate leaders have tempted, think to arrange on behalf of the time to visit. But we scrutinize the hospital notice can be found that the vast majority of hospitals is not recommended without medical needs of staff to the hospital - - - - - - This provision is mainly to avoid the cross infection.
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