Special operation! Hebei five types of illegal strike hard and medical fields

by:Celecare     2020-07-16
On April 17, April 21, WeiJianWei in hebei province has released the health committee in hebei province special campaign to crack down on illegal medical work plan. The work plan for the implementation of the province, which do the implementation of the top ten industries of rectification plan, further intensify efforts to combat illegal practice, investigate all kinds of medical institutions at all levels and personnel violation behavior, strengthen the supervision and management of medical and health work, maintain the normal order of the medical service market. Specific work goal is to increase for the rectification of the medical service market and supervision of law enforcement, in an unlicensed, illegal medical hairdressing, etc as the key point, practicing medicine to crack down on illegal medical violation behavior, effective compression spread of black evil forces develop space, norms of medical institutions and medical personnel professional ACTS, maintaining the order of the medical service market. The five key tasks, A) In rural areas, integration of urban and rural areas, villages and surrounding, etc, to crack down on has not obtained the 'practice license of medical institution' activities without authorization to carry out diagnosis and treatment of unlicensed black clinic. ( 2) To the farmer's market, school, market researchers populated places, to crack down on has not obtained the physician qualification physicians practicing certificate to entrap the interests of the roving doctor, fake medicine. ( 3) To urban life and beauty institutions, office buildings beauty studio, healthy body, a crackdown on has not obtained the 'practice license of medical institution' organizations or individuals engaging in activities of medical beauty without authorization. ( 4) With small clinic, the medical cosmetology organization as the focus, to crack down on medical institutions to hire the health technical personnel mount guard, make illegal conduct violation behavior such as cosmetic project. ( 5) In medical institutions or medical staff on medical advertising, false advertising drugs or illegal behavior such as health care products, misleading to attract patients as the key point, to crack down on illegal behaviors such as medical institutions and medical personnel fraud patients. The campaign began in April, a six-month this special operation time for April 2020 - In October, divided into deployment, attack, summarizes the three stages. ( A) The deployment phase ( In April, 2020) , fully mobilize the deployment, make work plan, clear job objectives, tasks, schedules and work measures, set up the complaint telephone, clear reporting channels, to ensure the rectification of targeted action, obtains the actual effect. ( 2) To crack down on stage ( 5-2020 September) : special action across the organization and conduct of key areas, outstanding problems and weak links of supervision and inspection, seriously investigate all kinds of violation behavior, the big case, cases and other typical cases, we need to be investigated in place, the rectification in place, shall be investigated in place. ( 3) Conclusion stage ( In October 2020) Around: effect and special action to combat illegal medical law enforcement inspection, the quality, quantity, and administrative punishment cases suspected of a crime to summarize work and so on. On October 30, will work summary and the special campaign to crack down on illegal medical summary form ( See the attachment) Submitted to the provincial health committee after build official seal of the unit, at the same time, the electronic version submitted to the specified email. Four safeguard measures, A) According to the national unified deployment of the double random sampling, 2020, we should Lear to strengthen the efforts in selectiving examination of medical institutions, strengthen supervision and law enforcement training, improve the supervision and inspection personnel of law enforcement and case handling ability and level. ( 2) Order to establish and improve the medical and health services industry regulation zone spreading mechanism, and strengthen health, market supervision, public security, management of traditional Chinese medicine department coordination, increase the crackdown on illegal behaviour. ( 3) Strengthen the supervision of the credit, strengthen the supervision and spot check result of use. Timely information public supervision and inspection, establish and improve the blacklist unlicensed medical libraries, to promote the implementation of joint discipline, to achieve a illegal, is limited. ( 4) Publicity, the whole society should good atmosphere. Make full use of television, radio, newspapers, information networks and other media, widely publicize laws and regulations, and exposure to investigate and punish the behavior of illegal medical practice, create a strong public opinion atmosphere, strengthen the self-protection consciousness of the masses and discrimination of illegal practice medicine, effectively deter criminals. To combat the illegal behaviour of health, the whole nation in action! Learned, March 30, the state WeiJianWei website has just released the general office of the national health committee about print and distribute 2020 national supervision and spot check at random plan notice ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'notice') , check the qualification of medical institutions ( The 'practice license of medical institution', personnel qualification activities, physical examination, diagnosis and treatment) , health technicians, Physician, foreign physicians, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, physicians, rural doctors, pharmacists, nurses, technician) , medicines and medical equipment, Narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, anti-bacterial drugs, medical apparatus and instruments) , medical technology, Medical hairdressing, clinical gene amplification, stem-cell research, clinical research project) , medical instrument, Prescription, medical records, medical certificate) And clinical use ( Blood source, management organization and system, the blood storage, emergency blood use blood) Management, supervision emphasis.
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