Since digital medical treatment in the United States, although its own growth faster, but mainly concentrated in the medical institutions within and between the synergy,

by:Celecare     2020-05-14
Completely out of line of medical institutions and commercial company limited all dimension. Although the primary market valuations are still high, but after listing, both in terms of revenue and market value, its scale is far lower than expected. Moreover, from the point of growth, most companies in the case of lower revenue base scale, there have been obvious slowdown, have to rely more on external mergers and acquisitions, but this and push up its own debt, in the case of continuing losses on long-term development of formation pressure. The Internet is not only the main cause of medical treatment is difficult to scale at the challenge for the traditional medical service, which including the creation of the medical demand is difficult to the complexity of the cause, medical technology services Fang Qiang potential and human hard to accept for management of the third; Is the medical service is a very long chain of service mode, more in line of medical institutions, difficulties in copy to online. Thus, while the Internet is good at driving short chain services online, and whether the daily of entertainment, dining and a taxi is real-time, can complete trading time; However, the Internet is only in the field of medical seeking to serve the above several links of the chain, also it will be difficult to become a universal platform, can only be offline services auxiliary tool. Unlike other consumer, medical service of the chain longer and highly subject to service, since doctors visits, to the examination, appointment and dispensing and possible further treatment, outpatient service requires several steps, only if it is in the hospital, from admission to discharge the service process and link more required. In all of these links, the Internet is the main service of hospital, from the outpatient service guide to online interrogation, the outflow of prescription to the pharmacy or direct distribution network, and then to the rehabilitation nursing after discharge and follow-up, etc. In it, the physician visits and hospitalization in the medical institution is the core, the Internet is to maintain and improve based on its service. Therefore, if you want to breakthrough the limitation of long chain, will have to go up and build online can replace offline system, but the online interrogation subject to many factors, more focused on drugs for ailments and slow disease. Unable to do inspection, under the premise of doctors in the face of the numerous uncertainties and does not provide a good experience, the patient is sceptical on special line, just need to purchase a prescription drug active when it is used. Remote interrogation are often those who get bad review in strict medical standard is not literally prescribing doctor to the patient. This suggests that remote interrogation even in the United States also have to develop in the direction of the so-called prescriptions of outpatient service. In special core elements such as unable to bypass the check, even if the Internet into the interrogation link can only be in the outpatient prescriptions in the field of link function, unable to cover the entire process. And in other service link, disease management of pre-hospital and hospital after the acute phase after the service is more advantage of the Internet. This part after the value in the medical, service won the faster growth, also has given rise to a number of Internet medical company. However, this part of the service also have another question, in areas such as health insurance in disease management and rehabilitation nursing compensation amount is not high, the patient participation enthusiasm is not high also, need a medical institution jointly with the third-party Internet service provide coordinated service for patients, resulting in overall revenue is limited, expansion will not soon. Therefore, the medical service is a big industry, but its long chain link is available in which lead to the Internet service in the areas of development is divided into independent plate. Due to the special cannot be completely moved to line up, the Internet cannot integrate medical services, will not go to seize the main industrial development scale, only in a few areas of disconnection to expand gradually. In the Chinese market, the medical service chain is broken, this led to the Internet medical scale more difficult. Divided medical service chain refers to the medical service of each link is broken and no effective cohesion, for the treatment of patients is also focused on the band-aid kaufmann, lack of integrity services. On the surface, the medical service chain fracture has a number of reasons, such as the competition between hospitals, the competition between the doctor and the doctor can't free practice and the Chinese medical administrative management more than the first. But, in fact, service chain fracture is due to the payer has not ability to powerful checks and balances, the health care system will not straighten out the service chain, eventually led to the whole medical service chain fully dispersed and fragmented. Whether online or offline services, each service main body have their own interests appeal. For a long time, the service party more is the most profitable parts in the current medical system to large-scale development, can't make money is gradually weakened. The doctor's income comes mainly from the product, for example, the diagnosis of disease is more and more dependent on the instrument examination, treatment scheme is mainly dependent on drugs and surgery, service outside of products such as return visit and disease management interest in smaller and smaller, because we cannot get the same benefits from these services. It's slowly distorts the whole medical service, the service chain of fracture is more and more obvious.
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