Shanxi yuncheng development characteristic medicine construction we will deepen reform of the medical and health system

by:Celecare     2020-05-20
On September 2, 30, the reporter learns from the government information office held a news conference, Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province ( Yuncheng) The second characteristic medicine trade fair ( Hereinafter referred to as the medical fair) On September 16 solstice 20 held in yuncheng, ji through the local medical fair focusing on a new level of yuncheng medicine health development, promote health advantage resources, good characteristic medical card, further deepening the reform of medical health system. The medical fair in development characteristics of Chinese medicine, boost health as the theme, is composed of five major parts a BBS, including the characteristics of medical plate, plate medicine industry, Chinese herbal medicine planting plate, green kang a plate, plate and brothers at the provincial level city characteristic medical academic BBS and healthy aging. Among them, the pharmaceutical industry sector mainly displays more than 20 drugs, medical devices, etc. , and to carry out rational drug use knowledge propaganda; Green kang to raise project, a total of 16 kang have show yuncheng kang industry development present situation, discusses the industry operation mode under the new situation, set up efficient communication platform; Healthy ageing academic BBS through holding academic lectures, introduces the status quo, development prospect of an aging population and health combined with the development trend. Yuncheng vice mayor Chen Zhuqin is introduced, the medical expo set the booth 140, 130 exhibitors, the exhibition area of 10000 square meters, thousands of exhibits sort, amounted to more than 20000. Experience, based on the first medical fair this year, shanxi taiyuan, linfen, jinzhong, xinzhou, changzhi, five cities and hospital in Shanxi Province was made by medical organizations participating the 2nd medical fair. Adenocarcinoma, deputy director of the health committee of Shanxi Province in recent years, the shanxi medical care system comprehensively deepen reform, promote healthy construction of Shanxi Province. In 2019, put forward the strategy of traditional Chinese medicine strong province of shanxi, comprehensively strengthen the county comprehensive reform work of traditional Chinese medicine. Including further the implementation of the preferential policy of traditional Chinese medicine, the establishment of Internet + service mode of traditional Chinese medicine; To further ensure the principal position of hospital, promote county hospital medical service ability; Perfect county traditional Chinese medicine personnel training mechanism, strengthen the county medical group talent team construction of traditional Chinese medicine. Chen Zhuqin said, in the hope that by hosting the 2nd characteristic medicine trade fair, play good luck city characteristic medical card, concentration of shanxi the new achievements of the reform and development of medical health care, improve the influence of the health industry in Shanxi Province. 70% of the population lives in the county of Shanxi Province, this determines the shanxi reform focus should be placed at the grass-roots level, focusing on the comprehensive reform of the county. Adenocarcinoma, said the next step, shanxi will be in the county comprehensive health care reform, for traction, we will deepen reform of the medical and health system in an all-round way.
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