Shanxi: women's and children's hospital at the county level in five years to reach secondary standard

by:Celecare     2020-06-23
On December 19, the reporter learns from WeiJianWei, Shanxi Province, Shanxi Province, by 3 to 5 years time to provincial and municipal health care of women and children all at level 3 standards, county maternity and child care to secondary standard. Shanxi Province recently issued 'on further strengthening the construction of the provincial maternal and child health care service system and service ability of opinions clearly, in a planned way to promote the province construction, rebuilding and expansion of maternal and child health care institutions, gradually solve the provincial maternal and child health care infrastructure backwardness of outstanding problems. Strengthen maternal and child health health personnel training at the same time, by 2020, per thousand delivery quantity midwives, each maternity beds obstetrician at 6, 0, respectively. 6; Increased to 2 per thousand children beds. 2, a pediatrician to 0. 69. Maternal and child health care institutions internal salary distribution, to give women and children health care service of medical staff and actually engaged in clinical obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, midwives professionals tilt, to carry out the distribution of autonomy. General hospital obstetrics, pediatrics medical staff performance bonus is not lower than average floor. Shanxi Province also demanded that all over shall not change any form of maternity and child care institutions independent legal person status and nature of the ownership and financial revenues and expenditures of independent accounting system, and may not be squeezed occupy, divert, leased, Borrow) Maternal and child health care institutions the business premises, and always maintain stability and sustainability of the development of maternal and child health care institutions, stick to maternal and child health pro bono main position.
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