Shanxi Province health bureau issued a cancel consumables bonus

by:Celecare     2020-05-20
Another province on December 16, cancel the consumables bonus recently, Shanxi Province health bureau announced on the provincial public medical institution medical consumables bonus adjustment of medical service prices notice ( Hereinafter referred to as 'notice') , since January 1, 2020, the public medical institutions to cancel the medical consumables bonus. According to understand, before the policy regulation, when patients go to a doctor, the part can be another charge of medical consumables and one-time health materials, public medical institutions according to the purchase price is different, according to the proportion of 5% and 10%, or fixed bonus to charge. According to the 'notice', starting next year, public medical institution in shanxi all allow separate charging patients medical consumables, on the basis of the actual purchase price a zero rate of sales. Public medical institutions must not outside of the actual purchase price of the operator price discounts or other forms of discount. Cancel material addition and medical service price, payment, financial aid, hospital management, supervise the supporting measures of synchronous implementation, gradually establish a public medical institution operation mechanism. At the same time will also perform the entire province unified standard of medical service prices ( The 2020 version) 。 The consumable zero bonus, will achieve this year on July 31, the State Council issued by the 'governance high value medical consumables reform plan', clear medical consumable addition to cancel. Cancel the public medical institutions medical consumables addition, realize all the public medical institutions at the end of 2019 medical consumables zero sales rate, high value medical consumables sales price according to the purchasing price. Bonus to public medical institution for the cancellation of medical consumables and reduce the reasonable income, mainly through the adjustment of medical service price, fiscal appropriate allowance, to do with health care payment bridging methods such as proper solution. The public medical institutions should through the classification of centralized purchasing, strengthening cost accounting and standard way to reduce costs, such as fair use, realize the benign running smoothly. According to incomplete statistics, as of now is in a total of 19 cities and provinces to cancel material addition, including shanxi, shandong, fujian, anhui, hubei, zhejiang, Beijing, tianjin, Beijing, ningxia, guizhou, hubei, guangdong, jiangxi, jiangsu, guangxi, hunan, liaoning, sichuan, etc. Hubei province health bureau recently also revealed that since November 30, the province all public medical institutions bonus to abolish all medical consumables, while increasing part of the medical personnel technical services value project price, and to lower the price of some large equipment inspection treatment and inspection. Much in shandong province has been issuing, consumable zero addition, landing on December 10th, such as jinan health bureau issued 'will now jinan comprehensive medical consumables addition to cancel the public medical institution'. On December 10, jinan all public medical institution medical consumable zero addition, full implementation of all hospital medical consumables sales should be based on the actual purchase price. Jinan also synchronous adjustment 514 item of medical service prices, some large instruments and equipment inspection, the inspection items will reduce the price, the value of the part of the medical staff services technology operation, pathology, Chinese medicine also have been adjusted.
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