Shanxi datong on medical insurance fraud behavior chaos and health care fraud

by:Celecare     2020-06-23
On October 31, 30, the reporter learns from the health select committee, Shanxi Province, in order to solve the problem of hospital economic burden heavier, continue to regulate the behavior of diagnosis and treatment, to purify the medical market order, recently, WeiJianWei of datong, datong medical insurance bureau jointly for a period of 1 month to crack down on medical chaos, health care fraud to defraud fund behavior during the action. The campaign will focus on the regulation more than secondary municipal medical institutions, focus on specialized subject hospital, this year the masses reflects the problem of the hospital; Counties to focus on regulation under secondary medical institutions within their respective jurisdictions, city spot-check counties centralized regulation. The regulation includes lease, lend, transfer in accordance with the law to crack down on physicians 'physicians practicing certificate'; Medical institutions to buy and sell, transfer, lease 'practice license of medical institution' or 'physicians practicing certificate', diagnosis and treatment of beyond the scope of registration for the use of health technology personnel engaged in medical and health work, issue false documents, producing fake medicines, in the name of the medical sales so-called health supplies and other illegal behavior; Crack down on false diagnosis, exaggerate or curative effect, use cure illness, deception, induce, forcing patients diagnosis and treatment, and violation behavior such as consumption; Is investigated for such annual rejected medicare patients to the hospital medicine, lack of material name let ginseng protect patients courtyard outsourcing medicine, medical consumables purchase behavior. At the same time, diddle medical insurance fund operation against fraud behavior, investigate insurance fraud behavior of medical institutions. Level 2 and above public medical institution crackdown on decomposition and grade, to paraphrase project fee for fee collection and other illegal behavior; Grassroots medical institutions crackdown on bed in hospital, virtual meter charge, circulate drugs such as behavior; To social do medical institutions crackdown on induction of ginseng protect personnel to be in hospital, medical services, forge fiction medical documents paper, hanging bed in hospital, a stolen social security CARDS malicious behavior of diddle medical insurance fund. In addition, there will be serious illegal release of medical advertisement and false information. Induced routine for violation of diagnosis and treatment, medical treatment and excessive medical treatment, especially for serious irregularities, such as intraoperative premium into bad practice behavior score of medical institutions and credit system management, and publish to the society.
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