Shanghai village clinics into management of community health service center

by:Celecare     2020-07-16
On March 26, the latest notice: village clinic in community health service center management, villagers medical income is expected to rise! Epidemic tends to be stable and regular work on track, primary care focus this year what work to do, how to mobilize grass-roots staff especially village doctor job enthusiasm and other problems become the focus point. Released on March 23, Shanghai WeiJianWei 'Shanghai grassroots health priorities for 2020', based on the new situation and new requirements, to enhance the ability and stimulate vitality as the key point, emphasizes the importance of community health care management, and made important instructions. Doctors commune comb file five core content, arrange for you as follows: the epidemic prevention and control to strengthen engineering triage and epidemic prevention and control in management of patients with fever, community health service center is mainly to do a good job of the following four: 1, strengthening the preview triage, implement accepts, screening in patients with fever, registration, reporting, and tracking; 2, the implementation of the key areas to Shanghai return Shanghai personnel screening and isolation health watch; 3, ready to close contacts medical observation, fever screening zero reports, hospital patients isolation health work, such as observation, crossing medical detection with internal heat transfer and tracking; 4, strengthen community disinfection and health education. Signing cover the permanent population optimization service evaluation index sign printed and distributed to the city's family doctor service specification, build the municipal signing the family doctor service quality control center. Promote the signing service content and the acquisition, fully embody the function of service special line, carry out many forms signed concept of propaganda and communication. Optimal contract service performance evaluation indicators, and promote the signing service incentives, establish cost management process and the mechanism. Area as the main body, strengthen support for the family doctor cost management information tools and applications, improve the family doctor to sign up the costs of residents management ability. Village clinic in community health service center management person of hometown medical income is expected to grow in terms of strengthening the construction of grass-roots medical team ability, continue to carry out high-quality service line series of activities at the grassroots level 1 year basic implementation each district has community training base, carry out community health workers training, improve service ability. The person of hometown medical income growth mechanism. Continue to conduct job training, improving the capacity of the new, villagers medical business. Strengthen the function of village clinics and community health service centers homogeneity and docking, perfect integration of county-rural, village clinic operation, management and appraisal further into the category of community health service centers of fine management, improve the village clinic service efficiency. Promoting peace pilot project service characteristic service brand during the year, the city community health service center to carry out or institutions that occupy the home hospice care services, district 1 clear construction district centres for hospice care, and in some parts of the city medical institutions and social do medical organizations promoting hospice care services, build the subject diversity, functioning, standardized operation, the service quality of hospice care service system. Pilot promotion of hospice care of TCM appropriate technologies. Mining hospice care services vivid case, widespread hospice care service concept. Selection throughout the city community health service projects, and appropriate technology, traditional Chinese and western medicine to cultivation and promotion of special projects, become a service brand. Social and family sickbed service guide for general clinic into the system as we have learned, Shanghai is the most each year to establish domestic sickbed domestic cities. At the end of last year, Shanghai new version domestic sickbed service method, put forward the society to do clinics, general clinic in accordance with qualifications can apply for to join the family beds. This file, and further put forward to guide the qualified social do general clinic service system into the city family sickbed, social general clinic will become domestic sickbed of services of another major constituent units. The working points is also proposed, will set up domestic sickbed service quality control center, improve the quality control standard, organize professional training, conduct quality inspection, unified inspection summary. Explore the domestic sickbed service, long and Internet + nursing risks such as integrate, a comfortable home for residents with demand of health service. The focus of this year in Shanghai, provides reference for other areas to carry out the annual work template, as well as pointed out the direction of the doctors at the grass-roots level to carry out the follow-up work.
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