Shanghai: the patients go to a doctor 'pain points' into the medical service 'bright spot'

by:Celecare     2020-07-16
On November 26, a doctor, patients with the most afraid of? One is more people, the other is links, three is a long queue. Is it possible to make a doctor more friendly? Nearly a year, the Shanghai hospital is focused on the service innovation, the Internet of things, such as big data technology innovations and the integration of medical humanities ideas, build to improve the patients medical experience as the core of intelligent hospital. Thus, zero run, full one-stop ChuRuYuan buffet, no cash on me to see the doctor one-stop non-cash payment system, downloadable electronic reporting services at any time to see a doctor the new pattern, and gradually to the ground in Shanghai chest hospital. About the link big transformation, chest hospital target is explicit: change numerous for brief, to put the patient first, will go to a doctor pain points into service. Zero run, the hospital can turn out to be so in May this year, zhang aunt in thoracic surgery hospital to go through the discharge formalities, the head nurse told her that a new message: allows mobile settlement, have to wait in the room. Inform ChuRuYuan nurse, relevant personnel wheeled mobile settlement and the car came to the ward. This mobile settlement, equipped with discharge payment requires all of the equipment. Patients present medical insurance card, JiaoFeiChan etc, staff can immediately the hospital for their settlement, clearing bills, specification etc are completed on the spot print - in hospital - - - - - - All but five minutes. Unexpectedly discharge settlement can move directly to the front counter, zhang aunt and her family are all very happy, don't have to step out of the room was completed the checkout, discharge is so convenient! This is thoracic hospital introduced zero run, self-help one-stop ChuRuYuan new patterns, aunt zhang is the first group of early adopters. In this new mode, on admission, the patient through the self-service machine can complete self-help registration, admission, ward, expends and hospitalization expenses query operation. Patients in hospital, need to check, after the doctor issue related to the doctor's advice, will be completed by the ward nurse check booking single real-time booking, going back and forth across the patients no longer to outpatient appointment to check and wait in line. When I left the hospital financial commissioner will carry mobile car to ward bed settlement. In this way, patients from admission to discharge realized without complete all trivial procedure and operating, ward, has realized the real zero run. Technology add hold, make the medical treatment process more friendly to shorten the waiting, reduce round-trip, inseparable from the technology. Self-service hospital, for example, the system consists of thoracic hospital and professional teams in the self-developed self-service hospital machine, at the entrance to the ward, the patients through the operation of a few buttons do good admission procedure can be quickly and accepting the gold to pay, once upon a time and a half hours, now 5 minutes of the admission process. According to statistics, zero run, self-help one-stop ChuRuYuan new model part of the demonstration in thoracic hospital ward since the trial, patients with all kinds of average waiting time has fallen dramatically. In the hospital deposit before delivery time by 6. 21 minutes down to 1. 56 minutes, check the appointment time by 2. 75 days to 1. 42 days, preoperative waiting time by 3. Reduced to 2 66 days. 25 days, discharge settlement time from 4. 52 minutes to 2. 41 minutes, the new model to win a patient and his family highly praise. Today's chest hospital, after many years of system optimization, self-support degree is high, at present the self-service machine has reached 100 units in the hospital, which can realize self-help registration, reservation, payment, inspection query multi-functional services. This year the upgrade process, the reform further enrich the connotation of technology for the convenience. It is worth mentioning that integration of thoracic hospital also launched a self-service film printing system. All kinds of imaging in the chest hospital, the patient especially CT examination quantity is very big, take print made another line segment. To this end, the hospital introduce self-help film printer in outpatient service, patients self-help on-demand printing, quick and effort. Link can be soft reduction, self-help do not forget to human health service is an important part of the snap quality high-end service brand in Shanghai, public hospitals must do the vanguard. We emphasize the floor service patients, partial clinical service, is to be floor a chess game. Whether directly to patients, every department, every worker to patients as the center, start from the details. Secretary of the party committee Zheng Ning chest hospital said in the hospital, a lot of work appears to be very small details, embody the essence of service culture. Focus on link reduction, reduction time, materials, and running the reduction targets, chest hospital application for the convenience of a series of technology improvement process, hope to less patient waiting, smile more. The development of information technology, including the application of new technology such as AI, 5 g has been changing the mode of medical service, scientific research and management, we share the new technology to improve service at the same time, also want to pay attention to, can not blindly pursue the informationization, cannot at the same time of promoting self-help, make medical to a cold fish. The chest hospital evergreen, said pan hospital in advance to improve services, with a special focus on the three combination - - - - - - - Combined with the hospital medical characteristics, combined with medical environment, combined with medical needs innovation. He mentioned in particular, chest hospital on campus is not big, so temporary not consider introducing self-help guide project, because everybody discussion think, clearly marked and artificial directions is more human. Communication is also a kind of treatment, the words can warm the heart, healing, this is the machine now. Pan said, the hospital's transformation, reduce link unabated warmth.
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