Shanghai support 'Internet +' medical service trial into the medical insurance payment

by:Celecare     2020-06-10
On February 23, epidemic prevention and control work leading group, Shanghai revealed in the press conference for epidemic prevention and control and comprehensive service as a whole daily health care, on the basis of previous work, the city's health department launched health care article 12 measures: including support for Internet + medical services on a trial basis in medicare payments, reasonable increase total health budget management indicators, encourage medical institutions to develop new technology and new projects, err on the side of the city the new medicare drug catalogue, incentive family doctor residents signing service, etc. In terms of epidemic prevention and control of service in the city, has taken a series of measures: first, to ensure that medical treatment, not because of the cost impact to ensure the medical establishment that decide a dot not because of pay policies affect treatment; Second, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control drug supplies procurement supply security; Third, in accordance with the requirements for work in the city, periodically to reduce the unit capture expends rate of insurance of worker medical treatment, disease resistance, steady development to support enterprise; Four, optimization of orgnaization of health care services, introduced for the convenience of measures to reduce the running times. For disease prevention and control of medical treatment, reduce the risk of cross infection and convenient to the masses during the actual need, to do a better job of daily health care, the city health department to launch the following measures: one is to support the Internet on a trial basis into the medical insurance payment + medical services. In order to fully take advantage of Internet remote medical treatment, let people never leave home can get medical service, effectively reduce the risk of cross infection during epidemic, the city will have medical service mode of the medical establishment that decide a dot, and the Internet for the ginseng of common diseases and chronic diseases patients visit Internet + medical services, on a trial basis in medical insurance to pay limits. 2 it is reasonable to increase the total health budget management target. The city's health department will according to the actual operation of the medical institutions, reasonable increase health index of total budget management, guarantee of medical institutions shall provide patients with a more reasonable, more timely, more convenient medical service. Three is to encourage medical institutions to carry out the new technology and new projects. To meet the needs of the application of new technology of medical institutions, to further speed up the price of the new technology, new project audit, and the other charge for disposable medical consumables in the audit process; Support clinical research center of the city medical institutions transformation project priority in health care, promote new technology and new projects put into clinical application as soon as possible, the benefit of the patient. Four is the largest city the new medicare drug directory. Smooth implement the new drug catalogue is in the city, the city health department will continue to do into the new directory drugs and drugs national negotiations on the platform of medicine procurement sunshine hanging network in time, ensure timely procurement of medical institutions and patients can use what you need in a timely manner. Five is pushing ahead drug concentration belt quantity purchases. To further benefit more patients, the health department will make this city 4 + 7 concentration belt quantity purchasing medicine pilot maturity varieties of renewal. At the same time, according to the national health insurance bureau work deployment, continue to push forward the second batch of national concentration belt quantity purchase medicines be born in this city, reduce the burden of the medical expenses. Six is to motivate the family doctor residents signing service. Family doctors in a line at the grass-roots level, made important contribution for the epidemic prevention and control. The city health department will cooperate with health department, and further guide the family doctor signing service, timely sign allocated to the family doctor service award scheme, incentives to guide family doctors give play to the role of health the gatekeeper. Seven is to perfect strengths, extend the prescription pay policy. During the outbreak has strengths party on the basis of chronic diseases, support the medical institutions to further improve and extend community strengths, extend the prescription pay policies, encourage people with chronic diseases to community health service center to the nearest clinic, convenient to patients with long-term use of drugs, and reduce the personal burden of patients. Eight is to accelerate medical expenses. Further information system data communication sharing, scattered reimbursement, medical treatment and so on complete integration of orgnaization of link and implement medical expenses a accepted, for the masses to provide more convenient. Will also introduce more does not meet the city's health department, the matters can do online as far as possible do online, let people enjoy more convenient orgnaization of health care services.
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