Shanghai in the first half of next year all area, comprehensive promotion 'Internet + care services'

by:Celecare     2020-06-09
On October 12, the Shanghai municipal government held 10, consolidate the family doctor signing service, speed up the advance will implement Internet + nursing work area. Reporters learned that Internet + care services in the first half of next year will be in Shanghai comprehensive promotion, through perfecting the policy innovation, form the hospital, community and family care linkage mechanism. In changning, jing 'an, putuo, pudong Shanghai this year four pilot area to carry out Internet + care services, determine the key service crowd, namely, age or disability, the elderly, such as convalescence patients and patients with end-stage disabled people, and the crowd, clear the community health service center as an important carrier, the current implementation of the Internet + care services encourage eligible medical institutions actively explore Internet + nursing services, and the selected item 11 class 42 services. Shanghai Internet + nursing service project is more, and from mother to child, into TCM characteristic, rehabilitation and hospice care nursing program. Internet + care services at the same time, Shanghai strengthened management, set up access qualification, perfecting regulations, to ensure that the entire query, traceability, as far as possible to reduce medical risks, safeguard the rights and interests of both nurses and patients. In Shanghai for 1 tertiary hospitals, 37 community health service center, two social do medical institutions to carry out Internet + care pilot, a total of 2144. Residents only need a mobile phone can complete assessment, appointment, visits, assessment of the results, and the whole process service, originally medical institutions to provide catheter maintenance, all kinds of nursing services, such as injection, specimen collection can be done at home, save time and cost, effective potential medical care resources sinking. Shanghai health committee has issued the registration measures for the administration of nurses in Shanghai area, improve the nurse registration system, implement an effective registration, area, further guide the rational flow of nursing talents. At the same time, the Shanghai health committee will further perfect the policy measures, together with relevant departments to promote the development of Internet + care service to create a good environment. The vice mayor of Shanghai, 'said Internet + nursing service is citizens expect huimin project, comprehensive promotion in the first half of next year will be all in the city area. Shanghai health committee to further strengthen the industry norms and guidance; District government to implement the responsibility the main body, as a whole resources to strengthen the investment; The community health service centers should fully relying on Internet technology and means, change the traditional service mode, a more light, flexible, diverse service mode, improve service accessibility, convenient degrees and targeted; Related departments will continue to give strong support.
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