Shandong residents health care financing standards improve not less than 770 yuan per person

by:Celecare     2020-05-21
On July 24, 2019 in shandong province to further improve residents' health care financing standards, achieve 770 yuan per person; Residents of a serious illness insurance fund-raising standard per capita 81 yuan, all from the residents' basic medical insurance fund transfer, individual not pay cost. Shandong province people's government press office held a press conference, 22 to introduce what is related to health care and health policy of local residents in the province. Shandong province medical insurance bureau deputy director QiuBingYu said that shandong province on the release 'about to do a good job of 2019 residents basic medical insurance notice ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'notice') , improve the financing standard, to reduce the residents and unified insurance starting line of a serious illness, raise a serious illness insurance reimbursement ratio, etc. Put forward specific requirements. Although individual capture to expend also increased, but always dominate government assistance, is still in individual capture to expend more than twice. QiuBingYu said in 2019 in shandong province residents health care financing standard of not less than 770 yuan per person, including financial subsidies standards add 30 yuan per capita, not less than 520 yuan per person, individual pay cost 250 yuan. According to QiuBingYu, shandong residents also lower and unified insurance starting line of a serious illness. Before a serious illness insurance starting line in shandong province by the municipalities according to balance of the funds, the average of 1. 40000 yuan. 'Notice' requirements, serious illness insurance starting line in principle according to various cities one year per capita disposable income of 50% sure, lower than the proportion of adjustment, don't do is higher than the proportion to be lower, there are five city reduced an average of 3000 yuan. QiuBingYu says, shandong will also raise a serious illness insurance reimbursement ratio, the minimum period of reimbursement ratio from 50% to 60%, 100000 - 200000 yuan period of reimbursement ratio from 60% to 65%, the highest period of reimbursement ratio of 75%. According to preliminary estimates, the lower starting line, improve reimbursement ratio, will increase the medical insurance fund spending eight. 400 million yuan, about 67. 50000 people in the benefit policy adjustments. In addition, for the poor, the province to reduce the starting line of a serious illness insurance, down from 6000 yuan to 5000 yuan. Adjust and improve the segmentation, reimbursement ratio from four to three sections of reimbursement, when every reimbursement ratio increased by 10%, the highest for reimbursement ratio reached 85%. Canceled the original $500000 top line, reduce the financial burden on patients with personal expenses. 'Notice' pointed out that the shandong will also establish and improve the urban and rural residents health outpatient fee and payment mechanism as a whole, the focus on the heavy burden of high blood pressure, diabetes and other common and frequent, the heavy burden of disease. This year the province's part in the entire province unified outpatient service, chronic diseases, years ago, strive to realize long-distance network settlement. Shandong can't just rely on treatment to health construction, we must stick to the policy of prevention first and prevention &treatment combination. QiuBingYu said, 'we advocate people establish good health literacy, to not get sick, sick less. It is reported, by the end of 2018, the shandong province health contributors in 9437. 10000 people, the third in the nation, ginseng protect coverage reached 94%, including ginseng protect a worker to 2072. Of the 10000, ginseng protect residents 73. 65 million people; Medical insurance fixed-point medical institutions a total of 40197 agreement, including the medical establishment that decide a dot, 16167, the drugstore that decide a dot, 24030.
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