Self-control: Beijing hospital card will phase out

by:Celecare     2020-07-12
On July 30, in the future, when the hospital patients in this hall queue, and each window for more than 15 people, the hospital will take timely response measures such as artificial extra window. City health committee released by the Beijing to improve the medical service work one hundred - day action plan ', officially launched to improve medical services one hundred - day action, for all kinds of medical institutions in the city from the end of July to October 31, control work of article 20 of the key tasks, inversion period, gradually improve the medical service level. Check reservation time compression 1/3 of the one hundred - day action focus on ascension experience to the patient, shorten queuing, is one of important content for the patients. For medical institutions, for example, especially tertiary hospitals to strengthen the monitoring of patients with queuing situation and response, to detect and respond to mechanism, patient appear concentrated in this hall queue and queue longer ( Generally more than 15 people) for each window Channel in time register window line personnel to self-help payment machine, artificial extra window and snarling system measures such as installation, reduce patient waiting time. Tertiary hospital diagnosis and precise time-phased reservation to 30 minutes, to strengthen clinic tips, guide the patient period of time, shorten hospital waiting times and guide the orderly. Medical institutions, such as nuclear magnetic inspection project to make an appointment to shorten the painless stomach and cycle. Among them, painless stomach, such as nuclear magnetic inspection project booking period more than 3 months of medical institutions, to be based on the need of patients and its practical, reasonable deployment of manpower, improve process, improve service ability, will be waiting for a third time compression patients to make an appointment. Tertiary hospital emergency department patients admitted on coordination mechanism should be improved. Take beds unified management, timely treated have hospital indications of emergency patients, to improve the performance appraisal and improving emergency patients were clinical departments with the emergency department in patients with shunt decision-making comprehensive measures, such as shortening the emergency patients in the hospital waiting time, reduce the emergency department especially extra bed intensive care. Homemade phasing out hospital card for the convenience of patients, the one hundred - day action will promote the health insurance card, id card issued by the entity for alternative hospital card, true multi-purpose card to the patient, city WeiJianWei requires medical institutions internal homemade phasing out hospital card. Conditional hospital can actively explore facial recognition technology applications. As early as in 2016, city 22 hospitals in Beijing tong & middot; Beijing medical WeChat registered platform opened a booking, the phasing out hospital medical card, IC card. Previously, because the hospital information system is not compatible, cooperative bank is different also, is almost every hospital, patients have to apply for a new one hospital see a doctor, so that patients's holding a bunch of the hospital card in hand, every time the doctor is very troublesome. Until now, the city still has a lot of tertiary hospital is still in use in the clinic card, if you don't do first some hospital card and associated with hospitals, patients can't even make an appointment on the Internet. Two weeks in advance to reserve basic-level hospitals, core source of couplet of the one hundred - day action required to carry out the medical hospital to reserve base, the source work. Core of couplet of medical hospital two weeks in advance to basic medical and health institutions reserved booking source, specialty of couplet of medical core hospital related specialty leave 30% visit source to cooperative medical institutions. Central hospital in two days before the expert consultation, take back after the reserved was not make an appointment to visit the source. City WeiJianWei also requires each hospital actively expand Internet + service, mobile payment, inspection results online push, reduce patient queue and the number of medical institutions. Patients at the same time, more convenient way to get 'this medical handbook', through self-service purchase, desk and registration window to sell, as well as mobile payment in a variety of ways, such as patients with convenient purchase 'this medical handbook'. In addition, by telephone, SMS and so on a variety of ways to carry out the follow-up discharged patients. Tertiary hospital follow-up rate to reach 100% within a week. Action requires all medical institutions to perfect the emergency green channel management of critically ill patients, improve chest pain center, stroke center, trauma center, critical maternal treatment center, the critically ill newborn treatment center five construction level. Acute myocardial infarction (ami) patients admitted to hospital treatment time ( D2B) Within 90 minutes to 75 minutes. (acute brain stroke patients admitted to hospital treatment time DNT) Control within 60 minutes, 45 minutes, striving to ensure that patients receive timely and effective treatment.
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