Secondary standard! A group of super in towns and townships to construction boom

by:Celecare     2020-07-15
Establish the classification system, the rational allocation of medical resources, to promote resource sink, promote grass-roots service ability is an important content of reform in nearly five years. As an economic and health strong province, how to strong grassroots? Jiangsu chose the speed up the construction of rural area health care center of the road. Recently, jiangsu WeiJianWei website announced 'about to do a good job of rural construction of regional medical center in 2020 notice, to build up the basic 80 rural regional medical center ( The rural health care center) Included in 2020 the government of jiangsu province ten main task priority item, asked the city divided into districts to be annual target task decomposition, strict control standards to carry out the construction, to ensure complete basic was built in 2020 80 rural area health care center. It is understood that in recent years, the strong base of jiangsu province and groundwork to strategic location, explore new paths practice hierarchical diagnosis. According to the health development planning commission on January 13, 2020 in jiangsu province information, the province of jiangsu province residents preferred grassroots health institutions clinic two weeks sick proportion reached 68. County JiuZhenLv within 4%, 91. 2%, basically could not a serious illness county to achieve goals. So how is the jiangsu strong grassroots? How can the construction of rural area health care centre make of? According to a report in the understanding, to see their profession in one of the leading enterprises in jiangsu province medical strong base construction of yangzhou city as an example, early in 2015, have been planning and construction of yangzhou 18 rural area health care center, at the end of 2017, has been completed and put into use. By the end of 2018, has eight rural into constructing secondary hospital and medical center. According to yangzhou city planning, rural area health care center is not restricted by traditional township zoning, focus on the location advantage in transportation is obvious, the medical service radiation ability, the hospital needs more concentrated area location of the masses, covering 2 - each center 10-3 towns, service The population of 200000, total cover a population of about 2 million people. And yangzhou this 18 of the construction of the rural health care center, is for the super in towns and townships. 'Look at those' according to the Associated Press learned that this 18 rural health care center with a total investment of up to 11. 3. 3 billion yuan, each center spent about 60 million yuan on average, the average building area of 15216 ㎡, more important is that all 18 rural health care center in accordance with the standards of secondary hospital construction, or CT, DR, colour to exceed, 17 kinds of equipment such as gastroscope, automatic biochemical analyzer, each center 100 - set up beds 350 copies. In addition, the couplet of jiangsu province to form a close medical, incorporate all 18 rural regional medical center in northern jiangsu people's hospital, Yang big hospital two of the city's third largest general hospital for medical. Today, yangzhou the construction of rural area health care center model is the province of copy: according to jiangsu WeiJianWei disclosure, overall planning and construction in jiangsu province 200 rural regional medical center. Hierarchical diagnosis and construction time is tight, the task is heavy! How to broken? In September 2015, the State Council general office issued the guidelines on promoting the construction of the grading system ', aims to establish a reasonable medical order, basic implementation could not look serious illness county, gradually solve the problem of difficulty and high cost of treatment, deployment of quickening construction of the classification system. Hierarchical diagnosis system basic establishment by 2020. The policy is a huge impact, under the impact of the epidemic, the classification system of the construction of the final year is tight task. To 'look at those' one industry source said the new reform one of the biggest difficulty is how to restore almost losing health care function of basic-level medical system in recent years, especially in rural hospitals and community health service center. Actually to strengthen the construction of medical treatment, should be planning and construction of regional medical center, 'look at those' columnist, shaanxi son duong district WeiJian bureau deputy director Xu Yucai argues that the construction of rural health care center of jiangsu province and his ideas, he thinks the move is conducive to strong base in jiangsu province and also is helpful for talents in the grass-roots, really able to strengthen the construction of primary care. 'Look at those' columnist Zhou Donghao think focus should be to strengthen the construction of basic medical and health care in the villages and towns, he also recognized the move of jiangsu province. He thought that it would be a plan to study area health service demand, scientifically set up. At the same time, he thought of rural health care center should belongs to the category of public hospitals, to ensure the public welfare. The industry insiders predicted that the construction pattern of jiangsu ZaoXieShi super in towns and townships, or copy will be more and more areas.
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