Outbreak of the tide goes out public hospital opened a new change

by:Celecare     2020-07-03
The years of crisis, perhaps is a new era. A national epidemic rages on, make public hospital of traditional diagnosis model. Some past, however, but always in the way of medical model in unexpected development. Long forgotten preview sorting system was picked up again; Overcrowded clinic building become orderly; A medical one room suddenly turned into a reality; Public hospitals are online Internet hospital, all the twists and turns in the development of Internet medical prescriptions and high recognition of the change has come, the public hospital managers need to think about is, epidemic under the catalysis of hospital management mode, to reshape the industry everyday? Surge of traffic down begin length up past the man's head of public hospital outpatient hall in the crowds. In jiangsu province people's hospital, the patient had two levels: before I can see a doctor visits and fever preview triage point. To pre-hospital, patients must first make an appointment on the Internet. To school after, all staff should pass strict screening, testing temperature, inquiring history of epidemiology, to fill in to inform patients book, suspicious people according to the patients with fever prevention and control process. This provision in major public hospital. To control nosocomial cross infection, the hospital medical staff is arranged in the multiple entry to the patient's body temperature detection or set intelligent heat meter. To prevent personnel gathered, measures and wrong peak part of the hospital, to extend the time of outpatient visits. At the same time, during the treatment, to avoid cross infection, the hospital outpatient service commonly practiced in patients with partial set limit to enter, and executes a medical clinic with one chamber system, special circumstances ( Life cannot provide for oneself the patient) Accompanied by a family member. Hospital stream of people is reduced, the effective measures to control the nosocomial cross infection risk. But when the end of the outbreak, hospital traffic was restored, outpatient order will again to the kind of state, before the hills? On January 8, patients with online than offline, heilongjiang province hospital began to provide Internet hospital medical services, patients can from WeChat small programs and choose the doctors and hospital website time, can the doctor visits, prescriptions, open online checklist. On March 3, China academy of traditional Chinese medicine WeChat gate hospital officials announced that the online Internet diagnosis system; Sun yat-sen memorial hospital, sun yat-sen university launched yat-sen 5 g cloud hospital, provide patients with hd video, no delay of 5 g inquiring service; In addition, the Shanghai WeiJianWei on April 13, according to existing 13 hospital hospital licences for the Internet. Offline and drug distribution complete bundles, is one of the reasons for the expansion of the online diagnosis and treatment. Xuanwu hospital, capital medical university, the first city to open Internet diagnosis platform level of first-class comprehensive hospital, to provide online after the visit to patients, the express not only can delivery to your door, will also support the mobile terminal patients to complete real-time clearing brush medicare card. On March 20, the national health committee, committee belongs to the Internet who hospital diagnosis and accepts 17 times more than the same period last year. Special prescription outflow finally flow during outbreaks, online growth over the same period more than 20 times. Just as ascending, and nearly 10 times higher than the same period of prescriptions of the Internet. Online visits - The electronic prescription - Pay order - Drug distribution, with the completion of this series of links, hunan marks the first single prescription flow distribution service was born. Prescription transfer settlement platform for prescription outflow, its main purpose is to prevent drug kickbacks, increase patient medicine channels of options. In connection to the pharmaceutical companies, medicine representatives, medicine circulation enterprises, hospitals, doctors, a redistribution of interests such as pharmacy, prescription outflow of slow progress over the years, during the outbreak has not met the irreplaceable advantages to flourish. Prescription get substantial outflow process speeds up, in addition to the influence of the outbreak, more policy catalysis. Industry insiders predict, three to five years, dominated by government departments, full participation, the hospital pharmacy prescription transfer settlement platform will become a trend, opened in the country. Hospital, wake up, bring about new infrastructure tide because outbreaks, volume fell, the public hospital plummeting revenues. Although under certain operating pressure, the second affiliated hospital of nanjing medical university still choose launched the wisdom hospital construction project during the outbreak. Dean Gu Min told the health, the hospital information construction is basically ten million yuan of investment to start, this is public hospital should seize the opportunity of development. In public hospitals have the strength of the construction of the informatization construction, Internet hospital at the same time, the founder of springfield medical tube, former dean of Shanghai health care of the first penetration Duan Tao wrote a question: in a tertiary public hospital can be a very easy online first diagnosis and follow-up, can complete the whole diagnosis and treatment of closed loop, and why to patients with secondary hospitals and community health center? More to 3 armour hospital, secondary hospitals and community health center will become more and more weak, more and more marginalized. The rapid development of Internet hospital, will run against the grading system?
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