One-off high value medical consumables reuse is dawn? WeiJianWei gesture!

by:Celecare     2020-07-16
On September 17, disposable medical high-value consumables reuse, in recent years, with the deepening reform gradually and regulation of medical devices for clinical use began to strengthen, one-time high value medical consumables reuse problem has caused hot again! One-off high value medical consumables reuse is dawn? National WeiJianWei gesture! Although the law states that at present, but there are still hospitals still in reuse disposable high value medical consumables, precisely because part of the implantation of a one-time high value medical consumables because cannot by itself price, cause of high medical costs. In the first half of this year, has been three consecutive national WeiJianWei to disposable medical consumables reuse publicly, explicitly prohibit reuse. And health bureau to the National People's Congress on behalf of reply in the near future, slightly changes in specific research to develop high value medical consumables multiplexing, but for the security, the function of reuse and so on various aspects of both are a very cautious attitude. Visible, for one-off reuse problem of high value medical consumables, is wary of regulators. One-off high value medical consumables why not reuse? Bottleneck! Are one-time high value medical consumables reuse, currently the focus of the controversy is the adjustment of the one-time high value medical consumables catalogue. For part of the high value of implantable medical consumables reuse, such as ultrasonic knife, hospital procurement cost is high, exist in the clinical use of waste, many in the industry have already begun to reuse, put forward the proposal. But we can see in the national WeiJianWei reply back, one-time high value medical consumables reuse has many bottlenecks: safety first. Hospital disinfection supply center and independent disinfection supply center in the current technology in the process of gradually mature, disposable medical equipment reuse difficult, is not only ensure the quality of cleaning, determine the key performance of greater risk, directly related to patient safety. The current domestic hospital repeated use of disposable medical consumables cause cross infection, eventually the seeds of medical accident cases are still very much, also is the hospital disinfection management system is not perfect in our country still has a lot to do. So is one-time non implanted important restrictions cause of high value medical consumables multiplexing. The second is cost efficiency problem. Medical devices are reusable in the manufacturers, because the disposable medical devices compared with reusable medical device approval process is simple, listed faster, also pay faster, reusable, by contrast, so the manufacturers are more inclined to press the disposable design. Such as Johnson & Johnson ultrasonic knife, one is a one-time use ultrasonic knife, now be destroyed after use, can't reuse, its price fell by nearly half, have been listed. The other is a research and development new reusable, improvement of the existing structure, removable cleaning, this product for the FDA to batch of down, may be 2 years. There are other material structure and enterprise declare problems. In conclusion, the adjustment of the one-time consumables catalogue is not an easy thing. Reply WeiJianWei next step forward in the back, the national health committee, also said: in the next step work plan will be led by the national center for quality control hospital infection, the hospital now of disposable medical equipment present situation investigation, through the survey data is screened out specific types of high-value consumables and put forward Suggestions, evaluate the safety of the clinical risk of reuse and reuse treatment. Establish medical equipment users and manufacturers of close contact mechanism, such as by quality control center expert group set up medical equipment users and manufacturers of platform, consisting of related professionals, Hospital equipment management department, hospital infection, surgery physicians, operating room, disinfection supply center and factory technical personnel) , strengthen the contact, promote improvement of surgical medical equipment products, or improve the reuse process technology. As a former eight years equipment everywhere long surgeon, first to focus on domestic high-value consumables reuse one of the problems, the Chinese academy of medical sciences fuwai hospital Shen Chenyang deputy director of the vascular surgery center for the repeated use of one-time high value medical consumables, emphasize implanted in the body of the instrument is resolute can't reuse. Or use economic method to solve economic problems. Not equal to encourage domestic equipment manufacturers, lower product development costs, solved the problem of price. Moreover, such as choose reusable medical apparatus and instruments, more less to choose a one-off.
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