Official village clinics will be hosting happiness

by:Celecare     2020-05-21
On December 11th in aging increasingly serious today, healthy endowment becomes more urgent. D a combination is a response to the new strategy of aging in our country, to combine medical raise real pay practices, by grassroots. A batch of rural clinic managed happiness courtyard was born on December 6, pilot unit WeiJianWei in hebei province and hebei province home office jointly issued 'about to determine as rural clinic managed happiness courtyard publication of the pilot units in hebei province', clear six units for the province the first pilot unit rural clinic managed happiness courtyard. The future rural pension: village clinics and rural happiness hospital overall planning of our country medical have combined with the main path is the combination of medical institutions and pension institutions. D a combination of be born in the countryside measures are mainly the combination of village clinics and endowment institutions. How to combine? Countries in more documents mentioned in village clinics and rural courtyard relationship happiness. WeiJianWei on October 25, country, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission, the state bureau of traditional Chinese medicine and other 12 departments jointly issued 'about deepening medical have combined with the development of several opinions. Mentioned in the file, conditional place to explore health care and pension service resource integration, cohesion, and improve the hardware facilities, enrich staff team, key for extremely poor elderly disability medical combination of services. Rural areas to explore rural hospitals and nursing homes, village clinics and rural happiness hospital overall planning, adjacent to the building. Appropriate enhance the treatment level of door-to-door service, of course, the task increased, treatment will have the corresponding adjustment. According to the characteristics of the elderly disabled, the state support to provide door-to-door service. Countries require research for medical and health service contents, standards, specifications, perfect services charge policy. Establishing and perfecting the guarantee mechanism, enhance the treatment level of door-to-door service. Provide door-to-door service agencies to insurance liability insurance, medical insurance, personal insurance, etc. , to prevent to practice and safety risks. Build system of senile chronic drug prescription for a long time. Signing the family doctor service team for signing the elderly to provide basic medical and public health and other basic contract service and personalized service. Retired doctor to cure a practice not only that, in combination with institution countries also support the medical personnel engaged in medical combination of services. Implementation of physician practice site area registration system, support staff to practice a combination institutions. Establish medical staff education training in rotation mechanism, a combined with institutions to improve the service ability and level. Encourage retired medical workers to practice a combined with institutions. As medical combined with more and more deeply, therefore, all the necessary measures to gradually improve, talent flow between medical institutions and pension institutions will be more frequent. In the aspect of rural old-age, medical added new tasks on the one hand, make village clinics, on the one hand, also offered many village doctor new jobs.
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