Official to grassroots doctors -- involving indicators, credit, contract

by:Celecare     2020-07-07
On November 27, another, grassroots medical institutions during the implementation, will say goodbye to unrealistically high index and mission! Released recently, the anhui province WeiJianWei 'about formalism significant problem for issued by the health system at the grass-roots level during the ten measures notice ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'notice') 。 In July, the anhui province WeiJianWei field understanding at the grass-roots level and medical personnel organization research group of unreasonable burden, drafted at the grass-roots level during the ten measures, involving task index, fill in many forms, classification of continuing medical education. Indefinite unrealistic high index some unrealistic index for grassroots doctors complain, in order to complete the task, many residents were hypertension was mentally ill. Put forward the 'notice', normative documents before, must first to the basic research, to ensure that the file is operable. In addition, set up the annual work plan also should fully consider carrying capacity at the grassroots level as far as possible, not to mention unrealistic high index, especially is full coverage, comprehensive implementation work requirement. Due to the higher requirement or the situation change, the need to change work finished content, appraisal index, time limit, etc. , to inform the grassroots, to grassroots have time to complete and timely feedback to handle the situation. Forbidden layers of overweight, increasing index in addition to not to have a high index, 'notice' also made clear that the laws and regulations and with the requirements of the national and provincial government clearly are provided at the grass-roots level shall not be arbitrarily requirements, increase and indicators and contents of the work is not relevant. All kinds of social organizations, industry associations, research institutions and without the consent of the relevant business department, quality control center at all levels shall not require to submit the materials to the grassroots, tables and data. Simplify the submitted materials and forms how the doctors at the grass-roots level liberated from form, proposed explicitly 'notice' requirements: (1) of the laws and regulations, shall be maintained. (2) to not make clear a regulation, and have no substantive be canceled; (3) more like the content, business, same function similar to merge; (4) the multifarious, annual repeat fill in the content be simplified; (5) to use information technology means to fill in, to be integrated. Information such as health records recorded only once in anhui province based on a national health information platform, the health records, total population, medical convenient, immunization, medical certificate of birth, such as decentralized treatment satisfaction focus on integration of all kinds of business information system, avoid the repeated entry. Burden of recorded only once, will greatly save the repetitive labor and the time spent, let grassroots doctors make more time into public health services, improve service quality and efficiency. De-emphasize the family doctor signing rate, the author from a community health service center staff understand that in order to let more people sign up, sometimes to propaganda, from door to door at night and send you a small gift, but the more active people. Today, anhui no longer emphasizes the contract rate, but strengthen the performance responsibility, will be signing the family doctor service covered with emphasis on quantity to quality efficiency. Reduce the inspection frequency, not too pay attention to the supervision appraisal research trace material for grassroots reflect frequency too much, too much emphasis on trace, see less work norm, some supervision appraisal research several weeks in advance notice, some problems such as repeated supervision appraisal research. 'Notice' is put forward, reduce inspection frequency, in principle, only once a year QuanWei comprehensive supervision inspection. In addition, improve evaluation methods, combined with irregular investigations, not interfere with the normal work at the grass-roots level and medical institutions. Platform to learn more, credits provincial mutual recognition between 'notice' provisions, in addition to the regulations of the state, the corresponding training, medical staff shall not be required at a specified distance continuing medical education institutions to obtain credit. Medical staff can choose according to demand of autonomous learning platform, credits obtained between provincial mutual recognition. In addition, in order to alleviate the medical staff and learning, will focus on teaching gradually change for online learning, such as micro take lesson, lesson Internet + way, carry out distance continuing medical education. Reform of continuing medical education credits I class II class division, the medical staff to participate in different categories of continuing medical education project credits, effective within the year. Qualified deputy called vocational colleges can be declared at the grass-roots level and low degree designed technicians were not the difficulty of promotion for a long time, relax the rural and grassroots health declaration for senior professional and technical titles of application conditions. In the working life of up to 20 years, 30 years of junior college and technical school education can also declare the subtropical high titles. To shorten the approval process and time limit for grassroots medical workers have better work experience, put forward 'notice', continue to deepen health and decentralization, mainly reflected in the following five aspects: (1) according to the eight cancelling standard, streamlining the declaration materials; (2) public health licensing matters concerning told commitment system; (3) to implement license of medical institutions such as time limit for examination and approval of longer matters let without approval; (4) the compression time limit for examination and approval, registration of medical staff and other personal items that to do namely; (5) simplify examination and approval procedures and link, the implementation of the secondary and the following approval for establishment of medical institutions of combining with practice registration two certificates.
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