More than two-thirds of the new champions league in wuhan city hospital cure patients with pneumonia

by:Celecare     2020-07-05
On March 13, 12 in the afternoon, in hubei province have the press conference of the epidemic prevention and control. Deputy commander, chairman of the CPPCC, epidemic prevention and control headquarters in wuhan in wuhan city shu-guang hu introduction, wuhan control task is still arduous. At the same time, wuhan is advancing community create no outbreak, no epidemic area can be adjusted as appropriate control level. Wuhan new cases has fallen to single-digit shu-guang hu introduction, wuhan new cases has fallen to single digits, epidemic prevention and control in the whole city actively good situation. But now new confirmed cases, severe, add up the number of critically ill patients and 4000 people, the prevention and control task is still arduous. For this, focus on high quality resources in wuhan city, the common fixed point hospital intensive, critically ill patients to concentrate in high level, high level of fixed-point hospital, determine the tongji hospital, union hospital, the provincial people's hospital and so on nine of 11 units as severe referral hospital, 1. The patient into more than 40000 passengers and gained a high standard of treatment. In addition, the nucleic acid detection ability of wuhan city now has reached the highest 20000 / day, detection speed increased to 4 to 5 hours out of the results, and report timely feedback and control for epidemic prevention and cure to win the precious time. He introduces, at present in wuhan for more than two-thirds of the patients were cured and discharged, treatment effect is obvious. The hospital orderly will open the clinic and hospital ward now wuhan epidemic prevention and control is moving toward positive change for the better, to meet the demand of citizens to regular visits, wuhan plan to the city by more than 50 new crown pneumonia in our hospital designated hospitals to the concentration of 10 hospitals in medical resources. Wuhan new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control command medical treatment group medical way long white army, detailed plan to set up new crown and pneumonia in 4 restoration of designated hospitals. First batch of 14 hospitals around March 10, repair, with provincial and municipal level of first-class hospital based on campus is given priority to, is now complete. Second batch of fixed-point hospital repair plan was 18, on March 15th or so to complete, mainly city hospital and new district people's hospital. 3 continue to repair the city and parts of the city of eight fixed-point hospital, is planned to be completed on March 20. 4 batch is completed in March 31 in tongji hospital repair method on campus in new campus. All refund hospital room thoroughly sanitizers work immediately, to gradually make the new crown pneumonia patients of the emergency work. In order to ensure the safety of the ordinary was hospitalized, with reference to the new crown pneumonia patients with fixed-point hospital management process trial version of the relevant requirements, completes the warning triage, patient screening, ward management, hospital prevention and control of each work, fight the spread of the new champions league pneumonia in hospital. Hospitals will be open and orderly clinic and hospital ward, fully recover normal medical order, and guide a rational medical patients. He suggested that the general patients registered online, according to the appointment time, avoid gathered, waiting at the hospital, encourage the use of online online diagnosis and treatment, health care fixed-point hospital pharmacy drugs such as concentration distribution. Determine the 10 new crown pneumonia fixed-point hospital including optical valley campus of tongji hospital, union hospital west courtyard, eastern hospital in hubei province people's hospital, vulcan hill hospital, thor hill hospital, gold and silver lake in wuhan city hospital, such as pulmonary hospital in wuhan city. Plasma specific therapies is still on the observation on the plasma treatment of public attention, xiang-jun bai, most of the new champions league pneumonia patients recovered after the body will produce new virus antibody of comprehensive, can effectively eliminate and remove viruses. Using plasma treatment contains antibodies is also a kind of effective method. Plasma is suitable for the progression generally faster recovery of patients with severe and critical case, in principle, the course of no more than three weeks. After the comprehensive assessment of clinical experts, and then determine whether to plasma treatment. This therapy has strict indication and not all patients with diagnosed for convalescence plasma treatment, the treatment effect is still under observation. New crown pneumonia cured comply with relevant standards, more than 14 days after discharge, and no fever and other medical history within 14 days, no risk exposure history and history of close contact, ranging in age from 18 to Between 55 one full year of life, after the doctor evaluation are permitted to donate blood plasma. Without the disease inside the village residents can orderly activity in wuhan new crown pneumonia outbreak headquarters community prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control traffic control management group leader volare is introduced, in order to create in advance no outbreak in the city area, wuhan has established a series of incentive measures, including identified no outbreak of a village can adjust the control level of discretion, make the residents within the community and orderly activity. No outbreak of village brigade allows the villagers in the village gradually returned to normal production and living order. In addition, for all kinds of living in no outbreak and none of them has left the village in the district, the continuous time into out from the han and the quarantine before the production as the basis.
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