Medical perspective 'value' : people-oriented to get feeling healthier patients

by:Celecare     2020-07-01
On September 6, surface is still not meet the medical needs of many more, the future health care should play what role? Recently held 2019 medical value of peak BBS, director of health and health development research center of Shanghai Jin Chunlin said, the goal of the reform is under the limited health resources to maximum effect, medical value can be used as one of the effective means to achieve health insurance directory teng cage for a bird; Peking University cancer hospital medical insurance services division Hua think cold house, health care demand, should fully consider patients to widen innovative drug benefit, let the doctor to get more value and get feeling. Teng medical insurance fund in a cage bird take maximum benefit on August 20, limited resources, the national health insurance bureau, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security announced the national basic medical insurance, inductrial injury insurance and maternity insurance regular access to part of the drug list. Adjust the medicine catalogue, regular access to part of a total of 148 new varieties, taking into account plans to negotiate access range 128 drugs, these drugs are mainly used in the treatment of cancer, rare diseases, hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis c, hepatitis b and other emergency life-saving medicines and chronic disease commonly, partial product is the state food and drug administration for approval of new drugs in recent years, drugs, and major innovation embodies the medicare catalog value oriented optimization of the structure of drugs, improve the quality of medical security and level. Jin Chunlin believes that the core of the medical insurance funds use involves the people health benefits, in addition to control the medical insurance funds plate, how to in limited funds continue to expand the people's welfare, is the key to vacate basket in bird: on the one hand, health care need to make space; Free space, on the other hand, should also be applied to some concrete work project. Cold Hua think, to solve the problem of medicine but it will not be on, the future medical insurance directory on the adjustment should be more mature patients demands, increase the access, and of high value innovation drugs for patients with clinical, and social bring tangible economic and social value. Expand innovative drug benefit from the full life cycle considerations have learned, in recent years our country to speed up the innovation medicine for examination and approval of the review, approval in 2018, a total of 48 new drugs, in the majority with cancer drugs, enrich the cancer treatment options. One of the important fields as medical insurance directory dynamic adjustment of innovative cancer drugs, how to improve its drug accessibility also becomes the hot topic. Medicine will be able to talk about innovation in health care, Jin Chunlin thinks, assessment of the value of innovative medicine need from whole life cycle cost and effect. The cost of drugs is not just about the price, should from the point of the whole treatment process of patients, whether to save the patients' treatment costs, medical resources and social resources. For example, shorter hospitalization days after drug in patients without other related inspection, maintenance treatment, the drug can bring more value to patients and society. Recently, professor of economics at fudan university school of public health, health Hu Shan union and participate in the guidance of China's first immune oncology drug economics research results are confirmed, compared to traditional chemotherapy, represented by na Wu Li especially an immune tumor the value of innovative drugs, not only in clinical, also reflected in patients, economy and society, and many other dimensions. Cold Hua think, aspects and so on malignant tumor in the treatment of time, cost and other diseases have bigger difference, we consider the value, also should have a more comprehensive understanding, in the field of tumor, clinical indicators such as time to live, for innovative drug value should also be fully approved of long-term investment and quality of life. Establish positive incentive mechanism is the core health problems facing the current lack of excessive medical treatment, waste of resources and how to achieve medical rationality through medical value, to realize the relative balance of quality, efficiency, cost three aspects, Jin Chunlin thinks, for medical institutions and drug companies, the key is that whether to build a perfect positive incentive mechanism. How to make a business with the spirit of innovation? After clear innovation medicine curative effect, medicine health care system should be to the innovation to speed up the examination and approval, and expand into the scope of reimbursement, make more patients benefit. Jin Chunlin suggested that the future of our country in the process of medical insurance directory adjustment should pay attention to build a better innovation environment, introduce more innovative incentives. First from the treatment effect of diseases such as cancer, chronic disease burden is heavier, innovative drug has good treatment effect, suggest to choose and use of this kind of medicine; Secondly to encourage enterprises to actively into the innovation, speed up innovation drugs in clinical practical; Finally, in access to health care, medical institutions should also be fully considerations in health care and medicine assessment index proportion limit how to improve the system of admittance of innovative drugs, drugs and promote innovation. Cold home Hua believes that positive incentives are equally important: medical insurance fund to the doctor with better medical technology to provide treatment for patients, health care cost savings on one hand, on the other hand bring better curative effect and safety for patients. Encourage the clinical use of innovative drugs, and to emphasize indication management, realize the rational use of drugs, through the reasonable management create value is the developing direction of future policy.
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