Medical insurance directory talks war of no gunpowder smoke benefit patients

by:Celecare     2020-07-11
On December 10, 2019 national health care medicine directory adjust the work plan is clear, drug directory adjustment in western medicine, proprietary Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine yinpian three aspects, including drug transfer into and drug bring up two content. Give priority to the national essential drugs, cancer and rare diseases, and other major disease treatment, chronic diseases, children's drugs, such as emergency rescue medication. Health care medicine directory negotiations, the industry a lot of people called war of no gunpowder smoke. Recently, the national health insurance bureau released 2019 'national basic medical insurance, inductrial injury insurance and maternity insurance drug catalogue ( Hereinafter referred to as the catalog of drugs) Drugs, the results showed that 150 negotiations with 97 negotiations success, the average price decreased by 60. 7%. The negotiation is establish a health care system in China since one of the biggest, fruitful. The national health insurance bureau pharmaceutical administration Xiong Xianjun said. National health insurance bureau of personnel, also said it was a tough negotiation, variety size large, the number of drug companies at home and abroad is numerous, the price drop. Health bureau bargaining spare no efforts after this round of adjustment, 2019 were included in the catalogue of drugs and drug 2709, compared with 2017, transferred to medicine, 218, bring up the medicine, 154, a net gain of 64. In 97 varieties of negotiations, there are 24 varieties selected 18 listed companies. Hengrui pharmaceutical and tasly each have three varieties selected, hundred million sails medicine and kang pharmaceutical each have two varieties selected, the rest of the company's selected varieties of paragraph 1. It is understood that the adjustment of the drug catalogue is the establishment of national health insurance bureau after the first comprehensive adjustment, access to the catalog of medicines are divided into regular access and negotiation of two parts. Negotiating access mainly aimed at the exclusive or patent protection of the high price of medicine. Xiong Xianjun is introduced, the national health insurance bureau very prudent for how to determine the lowest price. Before, many academicians, organize domestic top clinical experts established clinical expert group, drug review of all negotiations, as an important reference base is calculated. Develop drugs measure the main technical points and repeatedly argues. Establish drug economy committee and health estimates group, according to the main technical points of parallel calculation, form each drug base price negotiations. Is a national health insurance bureau in haggling in the course of the negotiation. His nomination of HCV drugs, for example, (4) companies in the field directly measuring the quotation, every piece of drug price is given to two decimal places. Offer a total of two, if two are short of health bureau of psychological price, or by more than 15% of the medicare payment standard, that is out directly. Finally, gilead sciences company to di wei wei suo phosphorus cloth piece of rope phosphorus cloth vevey, he wei and Merck el paso wiig larry wei, with an average drop 85% selected. Two other drug firms involved in the talks and ahab China innovation song li drug elimination. Overall, foreign companies on the list of the selected directory occupy half, such as Gillette, astrazeneca, roche and sanofi-aventis, novartis, Pfizer and Merck pharmaceutical giant, the world has many varieties, domestic local drug firms have zhengda shine, compared to pharmaceutical, simcere etc. A number of high-profile enterprises. Noble medicine labeled common value have to notice is that although foreign pharmaceutical giant loom over, but the Chinese native medicine enterprise continues to power. The negotiations, cinda creature's cancer drug 'shu ( Drug name: letter dilip an injection) As the only PD - into the national health insurance directory 1 cancer drugs. PD- 1 / PD - L1 cancer drugs kill cancer cells by activation of the patient's own immune function, is another after chemotherapy, radiation therapy, cancer to be bestowed favor on newly, not only has good curative effect, side effect is lower, and belongs to a broad spectrum of sexual medicine, a drug to treat a variety of cancers. The world's first PD - 2014 1 cancer drugs the DE ( Commonly known as O medicine) PD - approed 1 / PD - L1 anticancer drug because of its broad spectrum, security, has become one of the greatest variety of drug innovation field. The latest tumor immunotherapy drugs able to enter the national health insurance, can be found in the magnitude of the reform of national health insurance bureau. Health department and the enterprise work together to improve drug accessibility and benefit more patients, let Chinese people also can enjoy the fruits of health, the progress of science and technology has brought about. Cinda biological pharmaceutical group founder, chairman and President YuDeChao told science and technology journal reporter in an interview. YuDeChao is introduced, the medicare drug prices, 'shu reduction was achieved 64%, from the original single 7838 yuan, down to 2843 yuan now. The latest PD - immune anti-cancer drug Costs of treatment of up to 300000-1 related products 500000 yuan, 'shu after big price cuts, treatment costs no more than RMB 100000 per year. In addition, medicare will pay for part of the reimbursement, more greatly improved cancer drug accessibility. High-end medicine is slowly into the ordinary people, the immune therapy is becoming more and more people. Xiong Xianjun said the drug costs significantly reduced is one of the results to the talks, by exerting the function of health care department strategic buyers, to push for medicine plunged in price. A number of world famous noble medicine was marked price of civilians, imported drugs generally gives the world the lowest price. A conservative estimate, by negotiating price and reimbursement, the individual burden level will drop to below 20%, individual drug below 5%.
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