Medical consumables 'zero rate' started in the country is coming!

by:Celecare     2020-07-11
On October 24th July issued by The General Office of the State Council 'governance high value medical consumables reforms'. Notification requirements, improve the price formation mechanism, reduce the high value medical consumables inflated prices. Cancel the public medical institutions medical consumables addition, realize all the public medical institutions at the end of 2019 medical consumables zero sales rate, high value medical consumables sales price according to the purchasing price. , jiangsu public news channel reported recently, the national health insurance bureau again before the end of the year, in order to achieve full medical consumable zero rate of sales, public medical institutions in accordance with the purchase price to settle. Policy interlocking drugs zero bonus has been implemented for more than two years, cancel the medical consumables addition has increasingly become the focus. Provinces have to determine the time of implementation of the specific medical consumables zero rate policy and sunlight procurement platform. Interlocking and drug policy, reform, the medical consumables is consumable bargaining in after zero rate, medical consumables company will face fierce competition and severe test, whether the winning product or a winning product, will be massive layoffs. As now in expanding surface after drug firms into the wave of layoffs, 1 - 2 years, equipment supplies manufacturers medicine sales personnel large-scale reshuffle will in the coming days. Medical consumables interests chain in the past, as a result of medical consumables purchase way, information is transparent, the procurement of product quality is uneven, prices artificially high. Medical consumables especially high-value consumables is the worst-hit areas of excessive medical treatment, medical corruption cases emerged in recent years, medical consumable field also revealed the interests behind the chain: in May this year, a domestic hospital cardiovascular division by the director real-name reporting with bracket, a kickback of 10000 yuan. In 2016, in henan province to investigate and punish corruption nest case, a batch of hospital mainly from medical reagents, consumables on illegal profits. Nanyang van so-and-so, director of the center hospital clinical laboratory, for taking bribes and the crime of huge property's unclear source, was sentenced to 14 years, with the same department, deputy director of the original x shi was sentenced to six years and 6 months; They gain from the test reagents, consumables for 14 years. Zero rate to break the interests balance of grey interests behind high value medical consumables. Zero rate is to break with medicine medical and machinery for the medical, the interests of the link between the savings to the people. YaoXie sales by as before, to generate income to increase profits, hospital and medical institutions are selling YaoXie power. The interests of the hospital and doctor, vendor direction is the same. Medical consumables in circulation field two to three times the average price, price usually 3 to 4 times. And medical high-value consumables can run thousands of tens of thousands of yuan, and these are ultimately pay by patients. And it has high value medical consumables zero rate, public hospitals have no sell YaoXie income, less profit, but the warehouse and material consumptions, artificial cost, must sell a loss, so countries use forcibly twisted the practice of economic law, in fact to the hospital and the interests of the doctors in charge gray contradictory poles, rather than as interest in the same direction as the original! Hospital income structure adjustment has high value medical consumables zero rate will directly affect the hospital income, corrupt interests chain break part, but at the same time, how to maintain good capital operation in the hospital? Public hospital income structure adjustment on the horizon. The income structure of public hospital in the past, medicine and material proportion is as high as 50%, all kinds of inspection (30%), diagnosis and treatment class accounted for only 20% of income. Drugs now consumes the material proportion to drop, the hospital income how to make up for it? Some areas for public hospital funds compensation method, can solve the problem of a small part of the money. Or forced to manufacturer rebates and other means, make up for the income of hospital. These external compensation cannot maintain the hospital management for a long time, the core still depends on enhancing the labor value of medical staff. Promote the public hospital return to improve diagnosis and treatment for patients ability and service level, rather than by selling drugs, do check to generate revenues. Zero rate + DRGs and zero rate plus pay by macro-reforms, according to the disease diagnosis related group ( DRGs) Payment reform, such as, medical institutions will be promoted to high value medical consumables used as the running cost, active control of high value medical consumables. On the one hand, public hospital doctors will more consideration in terms of drug use, consumables, doctors would consider whether this drug is auxiliary drugs, for example, or the treatment effect is obvious, don't be so sure of drugs will be compressed. At the same time, in view of the two effect is the same for the drugs, may choose relatively cheap drugs. Hospital, on the other hand, will pay more attention to treatment fee structure adjustment, use in material, manpower cost, treatment and other aspects are more in-depth thinking, according to some kind of disease, the doctor will be more economic and effective to study the treatment plan. I met some people told me which were engaged in pharmaceutical industry, medicine, now they do transformation equipment and consumables, haven't wait for a circumstance to touch, day changed again immediately, drugs today is devices consumables tomorrow!
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