Medical consumables zero price difference weihai, linyi first-of-its-kind brewing deployment

by:Celecare     2020-07-11
On August 8, after zero drug addition, medical consumables - zero price difference comes - - - - - - Recently, the state issued by the management of high value medical consumables reform plan, plan is put forward, by the end of the year, all public medical institution medical consumables zero price difference sales, high value medical consumables sales price according to the purchasing price. Economic herald reporter learned that, in weihai in shandong province and so on more are brewing deployment, linyi first-of-its-kind, since last January 1st medical consumable price policy has been cancelled, the province more than 800 public hospitals will enter the era of medical consumables zero price difference. Abolish all consumables start bonus according to the plan, cancel the drug addition, public medical institutions reduced as a result of cancellation of medical consumables bonus income, can be adjusted by the medical service price, fiscal appropriate allowance, to do with health care payment bridging methods such as proper solution. National WeiJianWei TiGaiSi inspector Zhu Hongbiao said the public hospital reform is the most difficult task of reform to crack. To strengthen break with medicine medical reform achievements at the same time, further abolish all medical consumables addition, through the centralized purchasing, classification, purchase, reduce the false high drug prices, can adjust the medical service price, make room for reflect the labor value of medical staff, the gradual transition to a reasonable price. Interview, many top public hospitals have not made it clear to this, it is reported, before this, shandong has related actions. Held in shandong province on April 12, last year prices advance will service to promote the new kinetic energy conversion work, meeting a number of price reform measures are put forward, including some involving medical consumables: in the reform of the medical service price mechanism, fully cancel the public medical institutions consumables addition, timely make announce new medical service item price, quantity and expanding the scope of the press disease charging, dynamic adjustment of medical service prices, guide the medical services to pension services. Medical consumables includes disposable medical kits, disposable syringes and other low-value consumables, including heart stents, pacemakers, artificial knee joint, artificial crystal, high value material. A general practitioner, said consumables addition usually based on the purchase price increase 5% 15%, which is part of the price is considerable income source of public hospitals, but also therefore bring kickback and a series of problems, there are consumables manufacturer continuously raise the supply price, stimulate doctors use expensive consumable, cause your patients. Scheme is put forward, to strengthen the standardized management of high value medical consumables, the unit price and resource consumption accounted for a relatively high high value medical consumables management as the key object, and by the end of the list to complete the first batch of key management. High value medical consumables department by the intervention of equipment needed for orthopedics, cardiovascular and other departments, implanted devices and artificial organs of the consumption of high value-added material. How big is? Industry organization estimates, last year China's medical equipment market scale is about 530. 4 billion yuan. Among them, the high value medical consumables market size is about 104. 6 billion yuan, accounting for more than 19. 72%. Linyi easing the burden on the doctor 200 million yuan recently, shandong province health bureau issued 'about strengthening drug and medical consumables centralized purchasing work opinion', specifically, drug and high value medical consumables linkage the lowest hanging WangJia, high value medical consumables net price linkage the lowest price, this product is the first provincial netting by manufacturing enterprises to the provincial public resources trading center promise the lowest price to declare, provincial public resources trading center in accordance with the provisions on the net, public medical institutions shall not be higher than WangJia procurement. This means that the public hospitals in the purchase prices of high value medical consumables will cancel addition, high-value consumables will be squeezed out water. Medical library software TuHongGang chairman in the media, said quantities with reference to purchase, according to past experience, high-value consumables into in after is expected to reduce the price by more than 50%. How much high-value consumables will eventually reduce the price, wait for the New Deal execution to clear. But first try of linyi, by removing material addition, medical institutions of high consumable no more interest, significantly reduces the overall medical costs. Given to linyi city officials, easing the burden on the lack of 200 million yuan. Last year, the state WeiJianWei five ministries jointly issued 'on the consolidated break with medicine continue deepening the reform of public hospitals comprehensive medical results notice specifically, to control cost breakdown to each hospital. This background, a public hospital through the centralized purchasing, directly to the supplier bargaining, reduce supplier channels and other methods to reduce consumable purchase price. Compared with medicinal materials price, materials addition is a tough nut to crack, the personage inside course of study says, investigate its reason, lies in the medical consumables, unlike drugs have a common name, difficult to categorize. To resolve this problem, the solution is put forward, the end of next year, the state food and drug administration, the national health insurance bureau WeiJianWei and state department rules for unique identification system of medical equipment. It is reported, the pilot work has been launched in early July. Among them, the focus of the first batch of pilot varieties for the heart, brain implants, prosthesis riskier implanted medical devices.
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