Is coming! More than 800 public hospitals to cancel consumables addition in shandong

by:Celecare     2020-05-18
On November 13, on December 10, the provincial public hospitals to cancel material damage bonuses. More than 800 public hospitals, cancel the consumables addition on November 12, according to qilu evening news reported, held on November 11, the government of shandong province Wednesday presided, approval 'on medical consumables addition to cancel the public medical institutions to adjust the price of medical service guidance' ( Hereinafter referred to as 'guidance') , abolish all medical consumable bonus to all kinds of public medical institutions at all levels in the province. It is understood that the guidance from began on December 10, 2019, all allow separate charging patients medical consumables, sales at actual purchase price rate to zero. According to recent data zhongshang industry research institute, as of the end of June, 2019, shandong province, the largest number of medical institutions, 2609. According to health. the statistical yearbook of shandong province in 2016, the shandong public hospital number is 808. Half a month of hospitalization, half is consumables, qilu evening news reported on August this year, shandong binzhou a citizen because hurt the lumbar spine, orthopaedic surgery at the local hospital, hospitalization and a half months or so 3 in total spending. 70000 yuan. But to check the cost list, found that operation is only 2867 yuan, only reset screw and connect the two materials, up to 1. 840000 yuan, all accounted for half of the cost. Shandong some 3 armour hospital cardiac surgery an expert, said: adults take replacement of heart valve surgery, for example, if use mechanical valves, the total cost about 80000 yuan, of which 2. 50000 yuan is the cost of consumables, operation also however four thousand yuan. According to shandong province hospital association secretary-general hsiu-hua wang, cancel the consumables addition is to make use of stent and ducts and other medical consumables, no longer to bring additional benefits to medical institutions. In January last year has started, in fact, before the bonus to abolish all consumables in shandong province, the province has to cancel the bonus. At the beginning of 2018, linyi city of shandong province government promulgated the linyi city people's government office about the release of linyi public medical institutions of medical services prices ( The 2017 version) Notice. The notice made clear that since January 1, 2018, linyi city comprehensive cancel bonus to public hospital medical consumables, and implementation of the new medical service prices. According to the price bureau of shandong province's official website, on April 12, 2018, the provincial price service to promote the new kinetic energy conversion work advance will have been put forward: in the reform of the medical service price mechanism, fully cancel the public medical institutions consumables addition, timely make announce new medical service item price. In addition, according to qilu evening news reported, held on November 11, the government of shandong province Wednesday presided also passed on the lift in the province (economic Department) Belongs to the public medical institutions medical consumables bonus notice to adjust part of the price of medical service, decided to cancel all 33 in dhi province ( Department) Belongs to the public medical institutions medical consumables addition, 524 medical services price adjustment. 18 provinces and cities are cancelled consumables bonus according to incomplete statistics, there are 18 provinces and cities in China so far is canceled consumables addition, including shandong, fujian, anhui, hubei, zhejiang, Beijing, tianjin, Beijing, ningxia, guizhou, hubei, guangdong, jiangxi, jiangsu, guangxi, hunan, liaoning, sichuan, etc. On July 3, such as the people's government of yunnan province issued by the accelerate reform of the medical services price adjustment and other tasks notice, said before the end of October this year bonus to cancel the public medical institutions in the round, and synchronous adjustment of medical service price, medical consumables procurement reform. Then, on July 4, hubei pharmaceutical price and bidding procurement management service published on the public medical institutions to cancel the medical consumables bonus guidelines to regulate the price of medical services 'clear hubei province public medical institutions on 30 November 2019 to abolish all medical consumables addition, implements the zero rate of sales, synchronous adjustment of medical service prices. But part of the province is still in the stage of individual regions cancel consumables bonus. In early March 2018, the original health development planning commission director Duan Yufei clear in guangdong province, in 2018 in guangdong province will actively implement and promote the material to cancel the bonus. Currently existing zhuhai, zhongshan, guangdong province, dongguan, foshan, heyuan city of 5 first cancel the consumables bonus. Released on March 8th, 2018, jiangxi yifeng price priorities for 2018, clear in 2018, according to a unified deployment of provincial, municipal bonus to cancel the medical consumables.
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