Internet hospital borrow war 'epidemic' closed-loop speed drills service

by:Celecare     2020-07-14
Current epidemic, the crowd visits a surge in demand, but a period of time there is a hospital not to go to the no beds. In this context, the Internet hospital become people's first choice. This year New Year's eve, tianjin hospital emergency launch the Internet. Just one month time, tianjin medical hospital visits over the Internet, to assist the new crown pneumonia patients diagnosed measured. Health care workers, said hospital during the outbreak of the Internet would be advantage developed to get incisively and vividly, online visits or will become a new trend in the future. Telekinesis to assist patients screening in early February, a 39-year-old wuhan patients suddenly appeared repeatedly fever, temperature is 39. 3 degrees Celsius, the evening also kept coughing. After he first took a variety of antibiotics and to the community hospital, but was no improvement. Considering of wuhan medical resources extremely nervous at that time, the patient would try to Internet hospital try their luck. Hospital on the Internet, in charge of departments of cao doctor after understanding the illness, to check the inspection report, basic concluded that the patient for the new crown pneumonia patients, then based on his symptoms and tongue prescription recommendations are given, and three after taking medicine, difficulty breathing, and blood in phlegm things began to improve. Two days, the nucleic acid detection in patients with positive, confirmed as the new crown pneumonia. This is just the Internet hospital help confirmed one of hundreds of cases. In order to fight against the epidemic, tianjin medical hospital launched Internet report suspected cases. This created a digital health platform and a new model of government CDC system closely together. Internet brand operators micro medical hospital construction group head of Zhang Songqi said. Online appointments china-japan friendship hospital of doctor of vice director of respiratory and critical care Wan Jun said that if the patient has a fever, and 2 weeks in wuhan and other places of living history, or exposed to diagnose patients, etc. , can be thought of as suspected cases. The doctor has obtained the consent of patients, reported by a key function to submit to medical platform, eventually submitted to the patients with the centers for disease control and prevention in region. Tianjin municipal committee of the network coordination office, deputy director of the office network security letter Li Guangying said that by the end of February 20, tianjin micro medical Internet hospital found new crown pneumonia suspected cases 1487 cases, after offline hospital found 376 suspected cases, finally 109 cases of confirmed cases. Zone welcomes visitors after the outbreak period, people's health seriously, coincided with the season of influenza prevalence, dare not go out of hospital, people are flocking to the Internet. , deputy secretary of tianjin municipal party committee propaganda department of municipal party committee do tinna, director of the introduction letter said, tianjin micro medical organization national Internet hospital respiratory, infection, physicians, provide patients with graphic, phone, video, and other forms of free online diagnosis and counseling, and during outbreaks are all free clinics, free of charge. Across the country doctor migrating onto the Internet. As of February 23, the medical Internet hospital has more than 40000 doctors online. Patients can get in touch with each department expert in three minutes, for professional guidance. People big hospital affiliated to hubei university for nationalities, deputy director of the emergency department physician SuYing as age reasons failed to enter the red zone, but she found in the Internet hospital medical skills. Since the end of January, she has already accepts 824 patients. Just start typing is slow, a day only for twenty or thirty patients, slowly familiar with after, can accepts 100 a day. SuYing said. Facing the suspected patients, SuYing maintain a high degree of vigilance: new crown pneumonia can be confirmed through a series of judgment, I look at the patient's symptoms, the Internet understand continuous medication is effective, if the situation is bad, have suggested they go to the hospital as soon as possible. The reporter understands, online profile of patients is mainly the common cold patients, patients with chronic diseases, etc. During the outbreak of china-japan friendship hospital, according to the doctor Wan Jun people prone to panic, but dared not go to the hospital again, online professional doctors can provide great help for them. Net letter do, according to the data provided by the tianjin municipal party committee to 1 months, micro medical Internet hospital free zone welcomes visits to more than 1. 100 million person-time, provide medical consultation service 141. 90000. Among them, over 100000 times for hubei area provides free consulting, online visits for big beijing-tianjin-hebei region, more than 160000 people. Service closed loop into a general direction recently, the national health committee issued by notice, to give full play to Internet + unique advantages, regulating the Internet medical consulting services, expand the online medical services space, guiding the treatment patients, alleviate the pressure of the offline outpatient service. Forward to the whole nation at the same time, tianjin and other places of the practice of Internet medical consulting services. Micro medical hospital online Internet, give full play to the advantages of the Internet, are slowly influence during the outbreak of the epidemic prevention and medical mode of the masses. Li Guangying said. At the end of January, the Internet hospital integrating entire network masses concerned hot problems, to launch on the new crown pneumonia prevention knowledge manual, knowledge quiz. Jinnan district of tianjin, said a community cadres at the grass-roots level now epidemic prevention pressure particularly big, but we do not have relevant medical knowledge, the specific problems don't know what to do, with the Internet hospital and manual, like side with the doctor. At the same time, online outpatient service is convenient masses go to a doctor. Internet hospital also won the recognition of medical staff.
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